Who is Sherlyn Sánchez, The 16-year-old Winner Of La Voz Mexico 2021

The Sinaloa native captivated the audience with her talent and extraordinary voice. With the song “El Toro Relajo”, by Selena Quintanilla, the team member Edith Márquez won

The night of this Wednesday, August 11, La Voz México 2021 came to an end and the absolute winner was Sherlyn Sánchez, a 16-year-old girl belonging to Edith Márquez’s team.

The member of Team Márquez captivated the audience with her talent and personality when she performed “El Toro Relajo” by Selena Quintanilla.

The girl from the Mexican state of Sinaloa won over the judges from her first audition when she performed the song “Guilty or Innocent” by the late singer Jenny Rivera.

In the same way, Edith Márquez was sincere and confessed that since she observed Sherlyn she felt identified with her, this due to her talent at such a young age.

The song of “El Toro Relajo” was so majestic for Edith Márquez, she ended up with tears in her eyes.

Sherlyn Sánchez, originally from the north of the country, at just 16 years old, already has 10,000 Instagram followers.

The winner of the Voice Mexico 2021 has a YouTube channel in which she has 700 followers, but they may grow more now that her musical career will have a boost thanks to the TV Azteca talent contest and the support she has received from Edith González.


Fernando Sujo, one of the last winners of La Voz México, used a large part of the prize obtained in the reality show in the remodeling of his house in Torreón, Coahuila, but he reported on social networks that he was the victim of alleged fraud by the company in charge of property improvements.

The singer shared in a Facebook post that he had hired architect Victor Barocio to build a fourth studio on top of his home. It was to the company Proyectos E Instalaciones Barocio that Sujo paid 500 thousand pesos to carry out the construction .

The work had to be stopped in January because the workers allegedly fell ill from Covid-19. The work was expected to resume after a month, but when Fernando Sujo tried to contact the architect because no one came back in February, he received no response.

Both Fernando Sujo and his mother tried by various means to contact Victor Barocio but were unsuccessful, even the architect blocked them from their social networks. “We have been sending him a lot of messages on all his social networks, on his phone, and on his home phone. My family has already gone to look for him at his home and there is no answer ”, stated Fernando Sujo.

Fernando Sujo was part of Christian Nodal’s team in 2020 during the second season of La Voz, produced by TV Azteca. He was surprising from the beginning of the program for being a 16-year-old lagoon boy who was studying high school. He confessed that on previous occasions he had tried to be part of La Voz Kids, but despite his talent, he was not accepted because of his height, which did not make him look like a child.

The young Lagunero, being the winner of La Voz, planned to invest his prize in pursuing his singing career, finishing high school to study music and singing afterward, and building a room for himself in the upper part of his house.

Currently, the Facebook page of the company Proyectos E Instalaciones Barocio does not exist and Fernando Sujo fears that he has been scammed because although the architect promises to resume construction in the Sujo house, the excuses he gave leave much to be desired.

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