Who is Samadhi Zendejas: Actress Who Gained 30 Kilos To Play Role Of Jenni Rivera

She recently denounced sexual harassment by three workers who allegedly assaulted her on the streets of Polanco, in Mexico City

This Monday, April 12, it was announced that the actress Samadhi Zendejas denounced three men who allegedly harassed her on public roads. The events took place in the Polanco neighborhood of Mexico City on Friday, April 9, when the 26-year-old accused three workers of allegedly having told her obscenities.

She accused of having received “comments of sexual connotation” a bolero, a janitor, and a “franelero” – an informal job to direct the flow of traffic and parking in a certain area – before agents of the Secretary of Citizen Security Polanco Sector, who arrested the three men who allegedly verbally violated her on Alfredo de Musset street, between Masaryk and Horacio, in the Miguel Hidalgo mayor’s office.

At the moment, the Sexual Crimes Prosecutor’s Office has finished integrating the file to determine the situation of the 44, 45, and 49-year-old men, since some people testified in favor of the allegedly implicated, assuring that they are honorable people who do not have exhibited such behavior in a decade of knowing them.

It is known that the residents of the condominium where the janitor Héctor Hernández works signed a letter supporting the worker’s good repute, so the process continues in the hands of the authorities.

Samadhi Zendejas recently appeared on the Pinky Promise program , where she narrated how she was prepared to embody the diva Jenni Rivera four years ago in the Telemundo series Mariposa de barrio , in her facet as a teenager and the physical changes she underwent then :

“I weighed 89 kilos, before I weighed 58, it was 30 kilos more. I was worried because I thought that people would no longer see me as perfect, but then I stopped worrying about my physical appearance, what I want is to show them in acting, leaving everything in acting ”. And it is that despite the changes that were generated in her body and physical appearance, and the difficulty to return to her weight, the actress said that having incarnated Jenni changed her life:

“I learned to value myself, to love and accept myself, a woman with stretch marks, a big woman, a woman with legs, a woman with acne, it does not take away any of her talents, her virtues,” she added.

But the actress has a history of several years, as the public has known her since adolescence when she rose to fame with the character of “Amaya” in the soap opera Dare to dream with Danna Paola, a production in which she looked totally different than nowadays.

And it is that the actress has reported that to obtain her figure she has undergone demanding exercise routines, thanks to which she has made a notable change in her figure. But it was even giving life to the remembered Diva of the band that with her talent, beauty, and charisma she conquered the general public.

Currently, the actress has more than 3 million followers on the Instagram account where she shows off her training and lifestyle routines that have also led her to be a recognized influencer in the entertainment industry, mainly in the United States.

Just in 2020, she was named as Hispanic Pride by the LatinPlug entertainment professionals platform, and her photography was projected in New York’s Times Square in recognition of her career, which also includes productions made in the United States, such as the series Enemigo intimo y Falsa. identity.

“New York was one of the first cities where we began to promote ourselves in all the media, young, old, we went to many places to be interviewed, knocking on the door and obviously returning to a city so important to me with this surprise was something very magical “Samadhi assured People en Español. “Today we already have 5 series on Netflix, we are on the air in False identity and being told that you are a Hispanic pride fills you with emotion, with the desire to move on and not throw in the towel .”

Said the girl of then 25 years, who in Mexico has participated in the work of the Unitarians La Rosa de GuadalupeAs the saying goes and Mujeres Asesinas, among some soap operas.

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