Who is Constanza Creel González, Everything You Need To Know

The daughter of the famous deceased actress currently lives with her father, the politician Santiago Creel

One year after the death of Edith González, we remember the only daughter she had, Constanza Creel, who currently lives with her father, the politician Santiago Creel, and her partner, Paulina Velasco.

The teenager will turn 16 on August 17, and although she has remained far from the public eye, it is inevitable to think that the little girl is growing similarly to her mother, with whom she shared many similar traits and characteristics.

Who is Constanza Creel?

Constanza Creel was born on August 17, 2004. Edith González was in charge of jealously guarding her away from the cameras and screens, so for a long time, her life was a great mystery, including the name of her parent.

Almost 4 years after she was born, it was revealed that Constanza’s real father was Santiago Creel, a Mexican politician who served as Secretary of the Interior.

As Constanza grew older, Edith shared more photos of her. And she always described her as a tender, intelligent and loving girl. “She is the love of my life, she loves music and has a huge heart. People tell me that she is a very good girl and what a good job I have done, the bottom line is that she is like that, she was born with those feelings and intelligence.

Life was wonderful for both of them until Edith began to have severe back pain, even in the company of her daughter, and it was in 2016 that she was diagnosed with ovarian cancer. From there, mother and daughter fought to remove the tumor and, after surgeries, it seemed to have won the battle. According to Edith González, Constanza was there for her and was one of her pillars to keep fighting as the battle declined.

Meanwhile, the actress went on with her life, traveling, acting, living. And, by her side was Constanza and her husband, Lorenzo Lazo , the love of her life.

Being the best support of her mother, Constanza came to appear on her mother’s social networks, not as a girl, but as a young girl. They traveled together, went on vacation, and several photos confirmed their beautiful mother-daughter relationship.

In fact, it was on Instagram, that the great similarity between Edith and Constanza was seen . And, although the young woman shares many features with her father, it was increasingly obvious that, at her age, she looked identical to the actress.

However, everything reached its climax, when Edith González finally lost the fight against cancer on June 13, 2019. Constanza was about to turn 15 years old, and she did not have her mother to accompany her.

From that moment on, the young girl returned to the care of her biological father, Santiago Creel, with whom she currently lives, along with her 2 half-sisters. According to her relatives, Constanza greatly suffered the loss of her mother and had to go to a thanatologist to face the painful grief.

Since then, She has not been seen in the public eye, as was her original custom. However, we hope to see her soon, and she will surely be just like her mother.

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