Who Is Aries Terrón: The Nutritionist Who Unleashed The Scandal With Bárbara De Regil’s Protein

Aries Terrón has gained notoriety lately for denouncing influencer, actress and model, Bárbara de Regil for fraud. The nutritionist revealed that the products that she promotes are not reliable and that contrary to what they promise, they can damage health. At the moment, these accusations have earned him threats.

In a video that Aries uploaded to his YouTube channel in May, he reviewed Regil’s Loving It protein. In the publication, he commented that they were only observations for Barbara to improve her product, at no point in her explanation are their attacks by the specialist on the famous woman.

As he explains in an introductory way in the review, he affirmed that the cost of analyzing Barbara’s product in a specialized laboratory cost just over five thousand pesos. The model’s product costs around 1,500 pesos in online stores.

He added that his fans in networks contributed little more than four thousand pesos for the tests. “Powdered pea protein, which did not detail its process, regarding the sets of amino acids that make up proteins”, was one of the explanations he gave about the poor quality of the product.

The specialist indicated that thanks to the tests it was possible to confirm an unreliable process in the creation of the product, aminospanking, which is the introduction of amino acids to reduce production costs.

Terrón explained that filling an amino acid product can be harmful to health. He added that this is useless and not beneficial. “In that sense, the amino acids do not make sense in the composition. Barbara promotes her brand as the only one with adaptogens, however in the case of Loving It, it has no benefits, because it does not have the effective amounts, “he added in his review.

As evidenced by his social networks, the young nutritionist has a taste for the gym, on his YouTube channel, he is in charge of reviewing nutritional supplements. He also recommends healthy diets and what type of exercise someone would require depending on their physical complexion.

His Instagram account has a series of publications in which he debunks myths about the Internet and other influencers who sell apocryphal products. Among them, he criticized the mineral water of the actor Juan Zurita. He indicated that the product does not have any health benefits either, he stressed that it is another brand in the market.

Earlier this year, on January 27, he posted a message to his fellow nutritionists. In it, she expresses that thanks to his career, he can contribute her grain of sand in a self-taught way for audiences.

“After having studied Engineering, it was a very difficult and risky decision to study a second career, but it has been one of the best of my life. Nutrition is a beautiful and complicated world at the same time. My main motivator for studying Nutrition was to contribute my grain of sand in an area that for years was my passion in a self-taught way, and I also had the initiative to join a professional guild with a science-based line to deal with so much misinformation in the middle, “he wrote on Instagram.

“Being a Nutritionologist means many things to me, but above all it means being consistent with your profession, as Nutritionists we need to dignify and give the rightful place to Nutrition as a science, therefore you cannot be a Nutritionist and promote pseudoscience or products miracle at the same time ”, he abounded in social networks.

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