Both were married in civil law on May 14.

Alejandro Fernández jr and his recent wife Alexia Hernández are expecting a child, this means that their father the “foal” will be a grandfather for the second time.

The Fernández dynasty is on the rise and with the arrival of the second grandson Alejandro Jr confessed that he and Alexia “are happy and excited”, but who is Alexia Hernández, the mother of his son.

Both already have almost 10 years of love relationship since in 2010 they began their courtship and in 2015 they made it official and public because Alexia accompanied her sister-in-law Camila Fernández to the launch of her single.

There is not so much information about Alexia and her life, but they are very active on social networks because whenever they can, they upload photographs showing the adventures they carry out.

However, some of the rumors that speak of the couple mention that Alexia Hernández was already Alex Fernández’s girlfriend, long before his launch as a singer, with the help of his grandfather Don Vicente Fernández.

It is known that Alexia shares the same tastes for animals and especially for horses as Alex Fernández, but something they do not agree on is the soccer team, while Alex goes to the Atlas, his girlfriend goes to the goats.

Alex Fernández and Alexia Hernández were married in civil law on May 14 and four weeks later the couple held a spiritual ceremony in Puerto Vallarta to reaffirm their love, but they have had to postpone their religious union due to Vicente Fernández’s health problems. Alex’s grandfather, since it was going to be celebrated last weekend

Álex Fernández announced that he will be a father for the first time

Due to Vicente Fernández’s complicated health situation, the grandson of “Charro De Huentitán” Alex Fernández announced a few weeks ago that the religious ceremony with which he would marry Alexia Hernández would be postponed until his grandfather’s condition improves.

Despite what happened, Alex continues with his family plans, as he announced that he is expecting his first child with his partner, so, in an interview for the magazine Hello!, expressed their joy together: “ We are happy and excited, ” said the next parents, who also announced that they are expecting the birth of their baby in April next year.

For his part, Vicente Fernández already gave his opinion on the matter, as Alex revealed the prediction of the charro: “My grandfather thinks he will be a boy,” he said for the magazine.

The couple celebrated their civil union three months ago, so they planned to celebrate the religious wedding earlier this month, which could not be done due to the accident that their grandfather suffered a few weeks ago.

On September 6, the ceremony would have been held, the date which Alex took the opportunity to dedicate the following words to his wife through his Instagram account: “It doesn’t matter the time or the place, you and I are already one, ” said the son of Alejandro Fernández.

The 27-year-old young man announced a month ago the suspension of his wedding with a publication on his social networks, in which this message could be read: “ Love and life commitments are not postponed because they are carried in the heart, the celebrations and events yes, that is why we have decided to postpone the date of the celebration of our religious wedding for the moment when my Tata can celebrate with us our love, as it should, as a family, together. Alexia and Alejandro ”.

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