What Would Happen If Lopez Obrador Dies?

Although Lopez Obrador reports that his symptoms are mild and he is already receiving medical attention, some Mexicans wonder what would happen if he died?

President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador (AMLO) announced on Sunday afternoon that he tested positive for COVID-19 coronavirus, and although he himself confirmed that his symptoms are mild and he is already receiving medical attention, some Mexicans wonder what would happen if the President goes dead?

The Political Constitution of the United Mexican States indicates in its article 84, relative to the functions and responsibilities of the Federal Executive Power, that in the event of “absolute absence of the President of the Republic”, it will be the Secretary of the Interior who will occupy the position provisionally; in this case, Olga Sánchez Cordero, “while Congress appoints the interim or substitute president, which must occur in a term no longer than sixty days.”

However, the Secretary of the Interior could not remove or appoint the secretaries of the state without prior authorization from the Chamber of Senators.

There are also two important considerations to take into account in the event of possible death of the President of the Republic:

In the first case, if the death of the President occurred in the first two years of his government, the Congress of the Union would act as the Electoral College and would appoint, through an absolute majority of votes, an interim president; later, it would be the same Congress that after ten days of the appointment would issue a call for the election of the President that would conclude the respective government period.

If the death of the President is in the last four years of his Government, as is the case of President Lopez Obrador, the Congress of the Union would designate the substitute president who would conclude the period, following the same procedure as in the case of the interim president.

AMLO What do they say in networks about the possibility of his death?

The contagion of COVID-19 in AMLO was taken with surprise, humor and in some cases concern on the part of the users of social networks. In particular on Twitter the conversation was mixed.

AMLO Why are you at higher risk with COVID-19?

AMLO has a history of heart problems, a heart attack in December 2013; in addition to suffering from hypertension and is currently 67 years old, which places him as part of the population at risk with respect to the COVID-19 disease.

Lopez Obrador assured on December 8 that the priority in the application of the coronavirus vaccine in Mexico was health personnel and older adults, so he would wait until the second stage to apply the biological one.

At that “morning” press conference, in the National Palace, where the vaccination plan against the new coronavirus was presented, AMLO said that the vaccine would be applied, but at the time, that it would be between February and April 2021.

AMLO Why wasn’t he wearing a mask?

In addition, AMLO’s reluctance to wear face masks has been known because, according to the President, the Undersecretary of Prevention and Health Promotion Hugo Lopez -Gatell did not mark it as mandatory because he kept a “healthy distance” and washed his hands .

Lopez Obrador is confined to his residence in the National Palace after testing positive for the coronavirus after a tour of the north of the country, and this Monday he did not offer his traditional morning press conference.

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