What Caused The Death Of Influencer Odalis Santos

The Jalisco Prosecutor’s Office announced the results of the autopsy performed on the young athlete

More than a week after the death of Odalis Santos Mena at the Skin Piel Wellness Center clinic, the Jalisco Prosecutor’s Office reported that the cause of death of the influencer was an allergic reaction to the local anesthesia that was given to her before undergoing the aesthetic procedure that it would help decrease sweating.

The 23-year-old girl died on July 6 at the aesthetic center where she went to have a “miraDry” performed, a procedure that would be minimally invasive, so supposedly it would be “easy and safe,” said a person from the clinic that hired her and that she accompanied the influencer in a video that she shared on her Instagram stories.

This Thursday Guillermo Flores Tovar, director of Specialized Investigation of the Jalisco Prosecutor’s Office, pointed out that according to the results of the histopathological and toxicological studies carried out on the young woman’s body, “it was possible to conclude that the cause of death was indeed an anaphylactic reaction”he reported.

This allergic reaction is associated with the medications found in Odalis’s body and the local anesthesia lidocaine and bupivacaine , which would have been applied to the bodybuilder.

Anaphylactic reaction, explains the site of the FDA ( US Food and Drug Administration), is a serious and life-threatening allergic reaction that occurs immediately upon contact with a chemical that is an allergen. Among the symptoms is respiratory arrest, for which Santos would have died, according to the clinic.

Despite this, there are medications that prevent the death of people who have this type of reaction, but you have to act as quickly as it occurs.

The State Prosecutor’s Office also announced that the investigation remains unfinished because it has been carried out with the hypothesis that the Skin Piel clinic has acted negligently, so yesterday it was assured and a search will be made to look for more evidence.

What was announced by Flores Tovar confirms the alleged cause of death reported by the dermatological clinic? According to the press release presented by Skin Piel Wellness Center, Odalis died after local anesthesia was applied, as she had an immediate respiratory arrest.

The clinic defended that the death of the young woman was not due to negligence, but because Santos had lied in the form that determines the way in which the preparations for the aesthetic procedure that would be carried out will be carried out.

“It is a legal requirement and protocol that each patient fill out a form stating if they have any allergies if they are taking medications or substances. Odalis filled out and signed the form. To this specific question (See annex), Odalis answered ‘No’ ”, the letter reads.

So apparently the young athlete would have hidden that she was consuming clenbuterol, creatine, and oxandrolone, three substances that interfered with anesthesia. The substances to which the clinic refers are those that are sometimes used by both athletes and bodybuilders with the aim of increasing their muscle mass.

The clinic assured in its text that Odalis did not receive the procedure to reduce her sweating because ” when anesthesia was applied she had an immediate respiratory arrest.” The doctor who was making the application allegedly acted quickly trying to stop the allergic reaction, without success.

At the same time, she would have ordered the team accompanying him to call an ambulance. Although the attention of the paramedics would have been quick, Odalis had already passed away and they were unable to resuscitate her.

According to the clinic located in Guadalajara, the treatment that Odalis would perform consists of inhibiting the sweat glands using heat, for which it is necessary to first apply anesthesia in the armpit area.

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