The couple surprised by committing to marry a ring of almost 60 million Mexican pesos, a remarkable amount that is equivalent to the cost of residences and luxury vehicles

The great commotion has generated the “proposal for a hand” that was announced this Tuesday, May 25, when Christian Nodal posted a couple of photographs on his Instagram account where he revealed that Belinda had made him “the luckiest man in the world.”

And it is that to propose marriage to the interpreter of In love you have to forgive, the Mexican regional singer “threw the house out the window” and spared no expense to give his fiancée today an unforgettable moment.

According to the Ventaneando program, Nodal would have reserved the luxurious restaurant Salvaje Barcelona, ​​located in the Catalan capital, a couple of days before to prepare the place and adorn it with vast floral arrangements.

The Salvaje restauran
The Salvaje restaurant was the ideal setting for the mediatic “hand request” (Photo: Salvaje Barcelona)

To access said reservation, the one born in Caborca, Sonora, would have paid 25 thousand euros, just over 605 thousand Mexican pesos, in order to have the luxurious space at their disposal.

With white and yellow lighting, and a path of rose petals, the couple nicknamed “Nodeli” took their relationship one step further by making a promise of marriage.

But the real surprise was not the affirmative response from “Beli”, nor the opulent place where they made the pact to arrive at the altar, a brand new space just opened on May 18 that has a surface area of ​​2000 square meters.

Belinda and Christian Nodal engaged
Nodal reserved the space days in advance to decorate it with flower arrangements (Photo: Salvaje Barcelona)

What really impressed the public was the impressive ring that Belinda wears on her left hand in the romantic photos that both artists published. The uproar came later when the jewelry house congratulated the couple and took the opportunity to promote the ring that is owned by the singer today.

And it is that Angel City Jewelers, based in Los Angeles, California, in their congratulations to the couple published the following message: “Congratulations @nodal and @ belindapop… for a lifetime full of happiness. 12 ct emerald cut diamond… valued at more than 3 million ” , you can read in the post where the firm attached a video that shows an approach to the precious jewel . It is worth mentioning that “Ct” has to do with its weight in carats, which would be equivalent to a weight of 12 carats.

This amount is equivalent to about 60 million Mexican pesos – 59 million 689 thousand 620 more accurately – an exorbitant amount that immediately caused a stir among the public.

The ring has small diamonds that surround the main emerald cut, which according to the BAUNAUT firm, is very rare and the clarity and fineness of the diamond prevails over its brilliance.

Doing a preliminary calculation, the expensive ring that the Sapito singer now owns is equivalent to what would be paid for luxurious residences, valued vehicles and other luxury items.

For example, according to the real estate agency Propertiesa 3-bedroom, 3-bathroom apartment in Elysée Polanco, a complex located in one of the most exclusive areas of the capital, close to Masaryk, the most important commercial avenue in Mexico City, It offers purchase options ranging from USD 1.33 million to USD 2. 29 million, that is, from 26.43 to 45.5 million Mexican pesos, on average half the cost of the luxurious ring.

Belinda and Christian Nodal engaged
The exclusive apartments of Elysee Polanco are located in a condominium with gym, roof garden, swimming lane and other amenities (Photo:

For its part, a house of 294 square meters, consisting of three bedrooms, living room, terrace, and four parking spaces in the Amores Complex, in the Del Valle Centro neighborhood, Benito Juárez mayor’s office, one of the most traditional and central locations in the capital, costs 15.21 million pesos.

Belinda and Christian Nodal engaged
t is possible to acquire a property in Conjunto Amores for a quarter of the cost of Belinda’s ring

A 250-square-meter property with a garden, 3 levels, and 3 bedrooms located in the historic Jardines de Coyoacán neighborhood, on Dalias Street, south of Mexico City, is for sale at 13.5 million Mexican pesos.

Meanwhile, a huge house of 882 square meters of land, located in the exclusive Jardines del Pedregal neighborhood, with a garden, 3 bedrooms with dressing rooms and bathrooms, basement, and fountains, can be purchased for 27.9 million pesos.

With these figures, it is argued that with the 60 million Mexican pesos that the diamond ring cost, three properties could be acquired in residential areas of the city, not counting that in other surrounding towns, such as the also listed colonias Roma, Condesa, and Narvarte es It is possible to find apartments of 90 square meters, with two bedrooms, two bathrooms and a parking lot from 5 million pesos.

In the field of luxury cars, motorcycle edition Blue of Harley-Davidson, which caused a stir among the millionaire eccentric for its extravagant design and encrusted with diamonds, it has a cost of USD 2 million, ie 39.7 million pesos Mexicans.

christian nodal property
The Harley Blue is a special designer model and there are few examples in the world (Photo: Harley-Davidson)

Meanwhile, the Ferrari SF90 Spider, one of the most sought-after and exclusive models of the convertible supercars of the prestigious Italian firm, has a price of 473,000 euros, that is, 11.5 million pesos at the current exchange rate. 

christian nodal property
The Ferrari convertible is capable of starting .07 seconds at high speed (Photo: Ferrari)

In contrast, until 2020 a Mexican household could buy a basic basket of 80 products that include eggs, vegetables, tortillas, fruits and meat for approximately 2,680 Mexican pesos , according to Eufemia Basilio, a researcher at the Institute of Economic Research of the National Autonomous University. of Mexico (UNAM).

Based on this calculation, just over 22,388 Mexican families could supply their pantry with the cost of the brand new engagement ring that Christian Nodal gave to his now-future wife.

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