[Video] Cepillín’s Number One Fan Says Goodbye To The Clown

After knowing the death of the TV clown, Cepillín, his number one fan has dedicated an emotional farewell to him through social networks.

Kaylitos is a young man who has always followed the path of Ricardo González “Cepillín”, who died this Monday at the age of 75.

The child singer who performed famous songs such as “Las Mañanitas con Cepillín”, “Tomás”, “El Bosque de la China” and “La Feria de Cepillín” accompanied and entertained the childhood of thousands in Mexico, many of them already adults, who Despite the years, they are still big fans.

That is the story of a follow called Kaylitos, who went viral a few years ago for his euphoric reaction to meeting the Clown on TV.

“I love you, you are the best in the world. I’m with Cepillín”, the fan is said to be visibly excited to meet the clown.

The clown only smiles at the comments and later gives him a hug for the great affection he showed towards him.

After the news was released, Kaylitos used his social networks to share a moving message for Cepillín.

“My Cepillín we will always remember you as the man, the artist, the most beautiful human being in the world, you know that I love you unconditionally and that Carlitos will always be your biggest fan, there is no other artist that equals you, but today the Heaven welcomes you with the doors open, with a line of angels waiting for you to be happy as you have done here. #TeAmoCepillin #EstoyConCepillin #ClownDeLaTele thank you for so many laughs, for so many joys, I always told you every possible in person and today I repeat: I love you and you will always be the best in the world. I will carry you forever in my heart, “he wrote.

His message was accompanied by various images in which he managed to live with him, being the most remembered in which he appears with tears in his eyes.

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