Vicente Rojo Died: How Did Mexican Artist Die?

This March 17, the Mexican artist Vicente Rojo lost his life two days after he turned 89. According to his son, Vicente Rojo Cama, the painter and sculptor died due to “cardiac complications .”

Vicente Rojo was born in Barcelona, ​​Spain, in 1932. There he studied sculpture and ceramics and then, in 1949, he moved to Mexico at the request of his father Francisco Rojo. The latter arrived in Mexico as a refugee after the end of the Spanish Civil War.

While on Mexican soil, from 1953 Vicente Rojo began to collaborate in the design of a magazine called Artes de México . He also collaborated in the supplement  México en la Cultura of the newspaper Novedades and in the Magazine of the University of Mexico . Their contributions also reached the UNAM magazine and the supplement  La Cultura en México of the Siempre!

Some time later, this painter became Mexican by naturalization and continued his career studying painting at the La Esmeralda art school in Mexico City.

An important legacy for culture in Mexico

Throughout his life, his talent earned him several awards. One of them was the National Prize for Sciences and Arts, which he received in 1991. Three years later, in 1994, he received the Medal of Merit in Fine Arts in his native Spain. In Mexico, he also received a medal of Fine Arts in 2011. Rojo was also a distinguished member of the National College since November 16, 1994.

On various occasions, the Mexican painter declared his love for his adopted land. He also said that, from the age of 4, he knew that he wanted to dedicate his life to painting. And so he did. For this reason, the 72 years that he lived in Mexico positioned him as one of the most important artists in the cultural legacy of our country.

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