Venezuelan Actress Rosita Vásquez Dies At 87

The actress died in Tijuana, Mexico, due to pneumonia. Rosita Vásquez was a pioneer of the radio soap opera in Venezuela and recorded more than 25 melodramas for RCTV and Venevisión.

Mexico. According to information from the Venezuelan portal El Pitazo, she died of pneumonia that she was diagnosed with in early November.

The journalist César Augusto Rivera, the nephew of the South American star, confirmed the news through her Twitter account.

“Actress Rosita Vásquez went to heaven at the age of 87, in Tijuana, Mexico. My aunt and godmother,” she wrote without giving further details.

Who was Rosita Vásquez?

Her real name was Rosa Margarita Ángola Millán, she was born on December 2, 1933, in Margarita Island, Venezuela.
She was a pioneer of the radio soap opera in Venezuela with the project ‘Martin Valiente’, which premiered in 1962.

She made her debut on the small screen in the soap opera ‘Anecdotario’ (1953). She participated in successful RCTV and Venevisión melodramas, among the most memorable are ‘Abigail’ (1988), ‘Señora’ (1988), and ‘Dulce enemy’ (1995), just to mention a few.

Her last work was the telenovela ‘Natalia del mar’ in 2011, where he gave life to Doña Pastora Pérez.

“All the characters for me are special, I put them about me, I put them from what I see to people,” she told in 2011.

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