Episodes will air on Sunday, May 2

This humorous series was created in 2005 by Eugenio Derbez and next Sunday, May 2 at 7:30 pm the last three episodes of its tenth season will be released.

Episodes 13, 14, and 15 of Vecinos can be seen through Las Estrellas on open television 2.1, channel 2 of Izzi, 102 of Megacable, or 32 of Totalplay.

According to the official site of this channel, at the end of this season, fans could meet the new member of the family, that is, ‘San Román’, the son Silvita is expecting, played by Mayrín Villanueva.

Currently, it is possible to view the three penultimate chapters of this production on the official website of Las Estrellas, however, those who are subscribers of Blim or Izzi have the option to log into the portal and see all the episodes.

Viewers who have followed this series since April 4 will be able to see how Doña Magda and Don Arturo’s spa day turns into a disaster, as the López Pérez will experience a car accident that will leave them living as homeless, the woman of This couple will finally admit that they are poor.

Faced with the boredom of the Vecinos by the presence of a joker who rings bells, Germán will implement a system so that the inopportune receives an electric shock the next time he tries to give them a hard time.

In the comments of the Vecinos Instagram posts, the fans expressed sadness and annoyance because they consider that the season ended very quickly, some of the messages are “What is the end of the season? Isn’t there something else? ” or “Very few episodes give.”

Lalo Spain, the interpreter of Germán, shared his excitement for the good reception of the public on April 10 and also revealed some details of the characters that have given life to the series for the last 16 years.

As he commented with Matilde Obregón:  “When we got to Vecinos there was like a visual idea of ​​things, but everyone put their stamp on it.”

Finally, as a result of that “stamp”, the actor left in Germán the element that best characterizes and identifies him within Vecinos: “I proposed to Eugenio, when he was the producer, to put those sayings of Germán about ‘how exfoliated, how fresh ‘and he liked it a lot and left it to me in character. That is a contribution of mine to Germán ”, he clarified.

Regarding his career as an actor, with participation in other projects such as Al Derecho y al Derbez, he added: “I love this way of life and I take on when things are difficult; You have to search, reinvent yourself, strategize everything ”.

While Televisa boasted to have had a greater reach with the premiere of “Vecinos”, TV Azteca celebrated that “Exatlón” was the number one program in Mexico (Photo: Twitter / @Televisa_Prensa @ExatlonMx)

The beginning of the season of this series crossed with the premiere of a reality show on TV Azteca, a television station with which Televisa constantly competes. On Sunday, April 4, the final of the fourth season of  Exatlón México took place, a program that had raised the rating of TV Azteca, managing to exceed Televisa’s audience on some weekends.

The PRODU account, which monitors the rating of some television networks in Latin America, shared that Exatlón México was the most-watched on television nationwide that same Sunday. While  Vecinos had an audience of 759.4 K people,  Exatlón had 882.7 K viewers.

The season finale of Vecinos will also coincide with elimination Sunday in Survivor Mexico, both programs occupy the so-called Prime Time or prime timeit is a time slot in the space of a television station that is designed for the family since It is supposed to be when there is more availability to watch an entertainment program according to people’s daily activities.

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