This Was The Reason Why Sofía Aragón Ended Up With Francisco Bernot

Sofía opens her heart to reveal what led them to definitively cancel her wedding.

It was last June when Sofía Aragón announced that her wedding with Francisco Bernot, scheduled for November 13 of this year, was indefinitely postponed. Since then, a congratulatory message had been seen on social networks that Sofía sent her then-fiancé on his birthday and nothing else was discussed on the subject, handling at all times, only a postponement but not a cancellation of the link, until now. Sofia had decided to keep quiet and focus on her many professional projects, turning the page to begin a new phase of her life. It has been now, with the calmer waters that the driver has opened her heart in our pages after ending their relationship at the beginning of last June. In this edition of HOLA! , now available for sale, Sofía opens her heart to reveal what led them to unexpectedly cancel their wedding.

Although rumors of separation began to circulate a few weeks ago, after all, traces of her relationship with Bernot disappeared on the actress’s Instagram, this Thursday, August 19, the news officially ended.

Nothing foreshadowed the end of this romance after their engagement at the end of last year, but the former beauty queen determined not to move on. “We both knew since June 9 that the wedding was definitely canceled, but we agreed to give ourselves some time to live the duel privately,” reveals Sofía, who calmly with her decision, has shared with HOLA!, “I was the one who broke the engagement. The infatuation and affection existed, but to get married you can’t just let yourself be carried away by your emotions, you also have to use your head ”. Find the full interview in this issue.

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