This Is The Last Photo They Shared Of Sammy Pérez

Erick de Paz, the representative of the actor, lamented the death of his partner

It was De Paz who also shared the details of the actor’s last hours. “He got infected with a fungus in his lungs, then the kidneys began to attack him, and finally the heart. At the time of reaching this, Sammy was already beginning to present internal bleeding and well, the outlook at dawn got too bad, ”Erick said for the Ventaneando program.

Days before, several media had already confirmed that the doctors in charge of Pérez’s case had determined that he was in a terminal stage.

“At 3:50 in the morning, Sammy filed a strike. The truth is that the outlook was no longer looking good, the doctor had been very clear with us, “confirmed De Paz, because due to diabetes and the fungus that attacked his lungs, the actor’s health decreased in a matter of days.

On the other hand, Erick de Paz also shared details about the status of Sammy’s girlfriend and fiancee, Zuleika Garza, who is also infected with COVID-19. “It did not require hospitalization as in the case of Sammy. It is still positive, but let’s say that it is isolated and is under treatment ”, he confirmed, as the criticisms had already flooded the networks.

The representative of the comedian assured that Garza is also very affected by the death of his sentimental partner. “It’s wrong, I think he’s going through a very difficult time” he commented during the interview.

The XHDRBZ actor’s family, who came together to seek to fund the high costs of his hospitalization, are also going through a very delicate time. “ The nephews are devastated, everyone. The truth is a huge void that leaves us and then (trying) to assimilate it ”, he reflected.

Sammy Pérez Died
Zuleika Garza, Sammy Pérez’s fiancée, is also infected with COVID-19. (Photo: @sammyperez_xhderbez)

Regarding the pending debt that was left in the private hospital in Colima where Sammy remained intubated for about two weeks, the manager clarified that the total amount is still being calculated. “Right now people in the company are looking at the final costs, because what can I tell you, the last data if it was more or less for a million and a half. Well, right now we are seeing clearly how much it is right now ”, he specified.

On July 30, Sammy Pérez, who rose to fame for appearing on various sketch and family comedy shows, passed away from complications from COVID-19.

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