Survivor Mexico Will Have A Special Schedule For The Broadcast Of Miss Universe 2021

The 69th edition of this beauty pageant will take place on Sunday, May 16

This reality show has two schedules in Azteca UnoSunday is dedicated to the qualifying rounds while from Wednesday to Friday the episodes focus on the Halcones and Jaguares competitions.

During the week the program is broadcast from 7:30 to 10:30 and on Sundays at 8 at night, however, next May 16 the Azteca Uno program will have a variation: it will begin at 10:30 at night.

Because the broadcast of Miss Universe 2021 will begin at 6:30 in the afternoon and will end around 10:30 at night through Azteca Uno, it will be until this moment that the survival program begins.

In addition to starting at the end where oftentimes, the transmission of Survivor Mexico last half of the regular time because only will be transmitted for 60 minutes.

According to the schedule shown on the TV Azteca website, the program will end at 11:30 to make way for La Resolana, hosted by El Capi Pérez.

During that transmission, people who have followed the reality show since last April 7 will see the competition known as the elimination game. The first sentenced to this possible elimination is Natalia Alcocer.

She obtained 6 votes from the Falcón tribe and highlighted that she was betrayed by Adianez since both are part of the dream team. Some reasons that her team gave for making this decision were that they hear her cry at night, so they no longer feel comfortable within the competition.

As part of a strategy, some members of Halcones called themselves this way and implied that the rest of the tribe did not have the same strength as them. The members of this new classification are Pablo, Paco, Natalia, Gary, and Adianez.

For their part, Niebla, Denisha, and Memo are considered the weakest while Fernando, Bárbara, and Jorge prefer not to take sides.

In the edition of May 14, the contestants competed for the individual immunity necklace, which gives them the benefit of not being sentenced to the game of extinction.

The competition consisted of balancing on pyramidal structures floating in the sea. The tribesmen had to stay on these buoys for as long as possible. As the minutes passed, Carlos Warrior, the host of the program, told them to raise the difficulty because they had to be at a higher level.

Towards the end, the contestants who stood the longest on one foot on top of those pyramids were Bárbara Falconi from Halcones and Julio Barraza from the Jaguar tribe, so they will not be eliminated.

The most recently eliminated contestant was Brissia Mayagoitia, the former band member who tried to repeat Timbiriche’s success.

However, on Wednesday, May 12Dennis Arana decided to leave the competition of her own free will. The reason for returning home was to make herself a priority to attend to her mental health since she experienced anxiety attacks within the program.

After a year of absence due to the global pandemic, the Miss Universe beauty pageant returned for 2021. The candidates for the crown will be measured in the international competition next Sunday, May 16.

As for the national representative, it is Andrea Meza, who is 26 years old and comes from the state of Chihuahua. She has a degree in software engineering, as well as an activist focused on the rights and inclusion of women, for which she currently works in collaboration with the Municipal Institute for Women.

In 2017, she won the Miss México 2017 and Mexicana Universal 2020 contests. In addition to these merits, she also represented Mexico in Miss World 2017, a contest in which she was a finalist and obtained the title of Miss America.

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