Survivor Mexico: How Much Will The Prize Be For The Winner

The contestants will demonstrate their physical and mental resistance to get out of the fight well

Six days after the premiere of Survivor México VIP, the host of this survival program, Carlos “Warrior”, revealed for Venga la Alegría that the prize that celebrities will pursue is 2 million pesos; He also spoke about the qualities that the contestants should develop. “24 participants, two teams, 2 million pesos at stake, and only one winner,” he explained.

Said he was interested in seeing how celebrities will overcome adversity and how they will make their “demons” and survival instincts known, he admitted that He was curious about the behavior of the participants in the face of hunger, despair, and the intensity they will face.

He also explained that the contestants of this reality show should develop three important components to get out well in this contest, that is, physical, mental and athletic resistance, since they will be on an island trying to get supplies such as food or tools, it is a physical challenge.

The dynamics of Survivor México ‘VIP’, which will be broadcast by Azteca Uno, is that the contestants pass various challenges that test their abilities, this time there will be 24 people divided into two groups: Los Halcones (the green team) and Los Halcones (the green team). Jaguars (the yellow team).

Although there have been 16 in other years, in this edition, there are 24 contestants among singers, actors, athletes, and television presenters, who are currently recording the program on the beaches of the Dominican Republic. In fact, this edition is titled Survivor Mexico ‘VIP’ because the participants are public figures.

Some of the 24 participants who will star in this reality show are Cynthia González (37 years old), finalist of the MasterChef Mexico season in 2017, the Guatemalan singer Dennis Arana (22 years old), who was part of La Academia in 2020; Sargento Rap (30 years old), participant of other reality shows who had a relationship with Ignacia Michelson, current participant of Acapulco Shore 8 and Brissia Mayagoitia (29 years old), who was part of the project La nueva Banda Timbiriche in 2007

Survivor Mexico
6 weeks ago, Carlos Guerrero published this photo to remember his participation in the 2006 World Cup in Germany (Photo: Instagram by @carloslguerrero)

The expectations of this program are very high from its fans since it was originally expected to make its debut on the Azteca Uno screens on Wednesday, March 24, however, this did not happen because its premiere was postponed, so it was also the Exatlón final had to be extended.

“What led me to participate as a driver in Survivor Mexico 2021 is mainly to challenge myself, it is a very interesting way of being able to know my scope on another route, on the subject of driving”, explained Carlos “Guerrero”, since His career at TV Azteca has generally focused on sporting events.

The full name of the Survivor presenter is Carlos Luis Guerrero Gallegos, his nickname is his last name translated into English; This television station has been their home for many years and that is why they made the decision to include him; Throughout his career, he has covered world-class sporting events such as the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, the 2010 South Africa Soccer World Cup, the 2011 Gold Cup in the United States and the Copa América in Argentina.

The Televisa program that will be tied with Survivor México will be El Inframundo: overcome your fears, which will premiere on April 26 on Channel 5, it is a reality show that will star 5 people who will have to expose themselves to extreme situations.

This program will air at 8 p.m., at which time the Azteca Uno program will air for half an hour, so both will compete for the preferences of the Mexican audience.

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