Survivor México: Everything You Need To Know About Daniel Cortés

Daniel Cortés is one of the members of Survivor México and was chosen by his peers as the leader of the Jaguares tribe.

Before joining Survivor México, Daniel Cortés has worked as an actor, driver and health coach.

Daniel Cortés from Survivor México is 42 years old and trained as a fitness specialist in a self-taught way since he was 15 years old and since that age, he has taken different courses on nutrition. In addition, he also studied Business Administration and has served as a model.

Daniel Cortés also has a taste for acting, so he has participated in more than 40 commercials both in Mexico and the United States.

In 2008 he joined TV Azteca as a host on health, sports and nutrition issues, for which he has participated in the programs “Hechos AM”, “La Academia, and” Venga La Alegría.

How tall is Daniel Cortés from Survivor México?

Daniel Cortés from Survivor México is 1.77 meters tall and weighs 75 kilos, his birthday is March 25 and he is now the leader of the reality show Jaguares team.

Who is the girlfriend of Daniel Cortés from Survivor México?

The girlfriend of Daniel Cortés from Survivor México is the actress named Susana Diazayas whom he met when the health coach worked at another television station. The 39-year-old actress wished Daniel luck with his appearance on Survivor.

Daniel Cortés’s friendship with Survivor Mexico’s Rap Sergeant

Daniel Cortés made it clear from the first day of the competition that his second in the Jaguares team is Sargento Rap and he even did not hesitate to use the Resurrection Totem with the singer in case he was eliminated from Survivor Mexico.

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