Survivor Mexico 2021: Why Gabo Cuevas Became The Villain Of The Premiere

A member of the Jaguares tribe was offended because his companions considered him the weakest during the premiere of Survivor Mexico: 2021, a reality show where 24 public figures divided into the Jaguares (yellow) and Halcones (green) tribes will have to measure their physical strengths and mental to get the prize of 2 million pesos.

The members selected as weak were Gabriel Cuevas (Jaguares) and Bella de la Vega (Halcones), so they will be in charge of administering food resources to their tribes, such was the indignation of the entertainment journalist that upon learning of his responsibility he expressed what following:

“I feel I have the power to make those who nominate me suffer, it is part of a game, do not take it as a bad team, but you have to cut off heads,” he also expressed that he thinks that having the box is a way of giving them back the fact to vote for him. He even mentioned that it would be his leader who would feel the “consequence” the most since he is the one who needs to eat more.

Given his unwillingness to contribute to the union of his tribe and the statements he made within the program, reality viewers flooded Twitter with memes, messages, and jokes about the attitude of the show journalist.

The problem began after selecting the captain and ally of each team aboard the Pirate Ship, the initial challenge consisted of the members of each tribe to tie the member they considered weakest, then they had to tow him swimming in the sea until the beach where all the reality will take place, located in the Dominican Republic.

Half of the members of Jaguares selected Gabo, but it was Daniel, the team captain, who made the final decision to nominate the entertainment journalist, who was told to warn if the water began to drown him.

On the other hand on the green tribe of Halcones was Bella de la Vega selected as his colleagues felt that the physical constitution having could play against, besides the actress admitted vulnerable emotionally to the recent loss of her husband, Joseph Angel Garcia. However, the women of the Halcones team joined forces during the competition and won the first contest.

The next day Gabo continued to comment on the great pain caused by the decision of his companions, even assured that his yellow tribe wanted to eliminate him as soon as possible from the contest “ Apparently we are united but it is clear to me that no, I am very upset for having been selected as the weakest ”, he expressed.

Later Gabo assured that the actions of his tribe could have had a homophobic origin “I can understand that they say that I am weak because I am gay and they perceive me as soft, but they cannot say weak if they have not seen my physical abilities, they have not seen me run, climbing or crawling or my agility. ”, he expressed.

When his teammates were questioned, they explained that it had been because of their age and lack of physical condition, on the other hand, Gabo explained that in his group there were even weaker people because “they lacked a team that knew how to swim” since they did not know Auxiliary in the sea and the muscles of his companions did not seem to him a sufficient advantage.

Gabo Cuevas, VLA host will now be the new reality show contestant (Courtesy: Twitter Survivor México)
“I had another perception, what happened yesterday was strange,” explained Gabo, who said he was resentful. On the other hand, Daniel, the leader of Jaguares expressed that he understood the origin of such an attitude because he said “he is a person who likes conflict because that is what he does, shows, but here it does not work, here it is Survivor”.

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