Survivor Mexico 2021: What Happened At The Start Of The season

This program premiered on Wednesday, April 7, Sundays will be eliminations

After months of waiting for the new season of this reality show, the survival battle between the two tribes began on Wednesday, April 7, unlike other occasions, in this edition there are 24 contestants divided between Jaguares (yellow) and Halcones (green). ).

The beginning of this contest that will test the physical and mental abilities of its contestants was marked by the resentment of one of its competitors and the definition of the tribe that will sleep in the strongest camp, but beyond this, the viewers of Survivor Mexico: 2021 they were able to perceive how the spirits of the Jaguares and the Falcons are.

In the first competition, the contestants unknowingly designated the people on the team who will be in charge of supplying them with food throughout the race to get the prize of 2 million pesos , the first competition consisted of each tribe selecting its weakest member to take you moored from a small boat to the beach. In the case of Jaguares it will be Gabo Cuevas while with Halcones it will be Bella de la Vega.

Survivor Mexico 2021
Gabriel Cuevas said that the possibility of managing resources gave him the power to punish those who had nominated him as weak (Photo: Screenshot / Instagram @ survivormexico)

Before the driver Carlos the ‘Warrior’ gave the instructions for that contest, the first minutes of the program was dedicated to the selection of the captain of each tribe, in turn, this leader had to choose the partner who will play the role of ally, as his right hand.

The surfer and sports coach Pablo Martí will be the leader of Halcones, his ally will be Paco Pizaña, star of the movie Ringo, the fight of his life (2019), on the other hand, Daniel Cortés from Hechos AM will act as captain of Jaguares and his ally will be the musician Sergeant Rap.

Survivor Mexico 2021
This is what the flag of the Jaguares tribe looks like (Photo: Instagram / @ survivormexico)

After the deep resentment of Gabo Cuevas at the fact that his team selected him as the weakest of the tribe, it seems that the dynamics of the Jaguars will be constantly hampered by his statements, however, in this broadcast, these discussions did not seem to affect the contests.

In this team is Sergeant Rap, who said unconcernedly for not having been selected as captain, since he defines himself as a born leader who does not need titles to lead his team.

Survivor Mexico 2021
This is what the Halcones tribe’s pennant looks like (Photo: Instagram / @ survivormexico)

On the other hand, the green team of Halcones does not present a major organizational problem, although some members said they were somewhat annoyed because they felt that each member seeks prominence, they managed to spend the first night without conflicts despite not having been able to light a fire.

In this tribe is Bárbara Falconi, who believes that she has an advantage to survive because she is vegan and considers that others are at a disadvantage because they eat animals.

It is important to clarify that both teams spent the first night of the contest outdoors on the beach in the Dominican Republic, a region where the Exatlón México program was also developedThe two tribes received a trunk with supplies, among which are in common a machete, kitchen utensils, rice, and oil.

The way in which this reality show will reach the screens of its followers is as follows: in the Azteca Uno signal there will be two schedules, Sunday will be dedicated to the qualifying rounds while Wednesday will focus on the daily development of the life of the Falcons and Jaguars.

On Wednesdays the program will be broadcast from 7:30 to 10:30 pm , in this broadcast you will be able to see two days of the competitors since the followers of the program will enjoy both the competitions and challenges as well as the capsules in which the contestants express their emotions and opinions of what is happening. On the other hand, the eliminations will occur on Sundays, the day that Survivor México will air at 9 at night.

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