Survivor Mexico 2021: Azteca Uno Broadcast The First Chapter Of The New Season

Under the leadership of Carlos ‘Warrior’ Guerrero,  Survivor Mexico began a new adventure on the Azteca Uno screen.

Survivor México premiered its new season tonight via Azteca Uno, which promises to offer action and drama from the Dominican Republic. 24 participants will face the toughest tests of naturalization in order to be crowned champions and win two million pesos. Find out more about the survival reality show produced by TV Azteca below.

Survivor Mexico 2021 program 1

– Where is Survivor México recorded?  Like its predecessors Exatlón México and La Isla, Survivor México is recorded on the islands of the Dominican Republic. 

– The first episode comes to an end. Jaguars and Falcons spend their first night on the beach. Both teams will try to organize themselves to make the stay more enjoyable. In the next chapters, the battles for the shelters will be shown.

-After being nominated as the weakest participants in each squad, Gabo Cuevas and Bella de la Vega will be the supply managers for Jaguares and Halcones, respectively. 

– The Jaguars won the Totem, while the Falcons got the supply chest.

-Now the teams have chosen their capitals. Daniel Cortez will lead the Jaguares team, while Pablo Barquín will guide the Falcons.

-Welcome to a new adventure in Survivor Mexico. The first chapter of the 2021 edition of Azteca Uno opens on the screen. Will you be Jaguar or Falcon?


How to SEE FREE Survivor Mexico 2021?

Survivor México 2021 will be broadcast on the Azteca Uno signal on channel 101 of the Izzi, Star TV, and Megacable cable services. The start of the season will be available via the Internet through the official website of TV Azteca.

In Survivor Mexico 2021, also known as Survivor Mexico ‘VIP’, because the contestants are public figures, there will be two tribes: the Halcones, the green squad, and the Jaguars, the yellow square. Each team must join forces and show their capabilities to conquer the top of the tournament.

Likewise, fans are eager to SEE the new season of Survivor México LIVE, since initially its debut in Azteca Uno was scheduled for Wednesday, March 24, but this did not happen. Therefore, they decided to extend the final of Exatlón 2021. The survival reality show will compete with El Inframundo: overcome your fears, which will be launched on April 26 on Televisa’s Channel 5.

Who is the driver of Survivor Mexico?

Carlos ‘Warrior’ Guerrero Gallegos will host the TV Azteca program. After covering the 2008 Beijing Olympics, 2021 South Africa Soccer World Cup, 2021 Gold Cup, and Argentina’s Copa América, the sports presenter will seek to write his own story in Survivor Mexico 2021 .

“What led me to participate as a driver in Survivor Mexico 2021 is mainly to challenge myself, it is a very interesting way to know my scope on another route, on the subject of driving,” said ‘Warrior’ Guerrero.

Members of Survivor 2021

Jaguars Tribe

-Alejandra Toussaint

-Dennis Arana

-Julio Barraza


-Sergeant Rap

-Gabriel Cuevas

-Daniel Cortés

-Aranza Carreiro

-Cynthia González

-Daniela Torres

-Eduardo Barquín

-Kristal Silva

Falcons Tribe

-Jorge Ortín

-Tania Fog

-Adianez Hernandez

-Gary Centeno

-Carlos ‘Chicken’ Muñoz

-Brissia Mayagoitia

-Guillermo Dorantes

-Paco Pizaña

-Bella de la Vega

-Barbara Falconi

-Natalia Alcocer

-Pablo Marti

What time does Survivor Mexico 2021 start?

You can SEE Survivor Mexico 2021 LIVE this Wednesday from 7:30 p.m. (Central Mexico time) via Azteca Uno. Elimination Sundays will be issued at 8:00 p.m.

Who won Survivor Mexico 2020?

After eight weeks of elimination challenges, Lalo Urbina won at  Survivor Mexico 2020. The popular ‘Inventor’ beat Duggan in the final and conquered the Mexican reality show on TV Azteca.

Sergeant Rap

Sargento Rap, the most controversial contestant that  Survivor Mexico 2021 will have, is a renowned singer who has gained fame for his participation in various reality shows. He has more than a million followers on Instagram.

When does Survivor Mexico 2021 start?

The new season of  Survivor Mexico kicks off this Wednesday, April 7. Julio Barraza, Pablo Marti, Natalia Alcocer and Kristal Silva are some of the participants.

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