Strong Shooting On Avenida Costera Miguel Alemán, In Acapulco

This Monday there was a strong shooting on Avenida Costera Miguel Alemán, in Acapulco, Guerrero. The street is the main public and tourist thoroughfare in the port. Preliminary reports report a balance of two dead and one injured.

Users on social networks posted photos and videos of the attack. It allegedly occurred around 3:00 p.m. at the La Condesa subdivision and beach and near the El Presidente hotel, on the lane leading from the Diana Cazadora fountain to the Acapulco Naval Base.

In a video posted on Twitter by the user @agenciajm, you can see two vehicles with several bullet holes, the glass broken, and with different blows.

Around him are agents of the Acapulco Ministerial Investigative Police controlling the crime scene: directing traffic and detaining onlookers who observe the results of the shooting.

Elements of the National Guard and other security corporations also arrived to start an operation to search for the aggressors, as well as personnel from the General Directorate of Expert Services and paramedics from the Red Cross. However, so far the arrest of the alleged perpetrators has not been made known.

The victims were traveling aboard a car brand Dodge Stratus and the color was white. He was stopped in a lane of the Costera.

Jorge Zuriel de los Santos Barrila, Attorney General of the State, appeared at the scene to inspect the area and begin with the investigations and the corresponding investigation folder for the crime of homicide. The attack was reported through the facilities of the Control, Command, Computing, Communications, and Coordination Center, better known as C5.

In April of this year, Manuel “M”, an element of the Auxiliary State Police (IPAE), was killed by municipal agents of Acapulco after the confrontation that resulted from the assault on bullets against a woman and another subject.

According to the Guerrero Prosecutor’s Office, members of the Municipal Police repelled an attack initiated by Manuel “M”, who had previously fired his charge weapon against a woman and her companion, who was traveling aboard a compact vehicle on the main avenue of the Diamond Zone.

That is how the shooting broke out on Las Naciones Boulevard,  at the height of a Chevrolet brand dealership. Presumably,  the state trooper was pointing out who would be his victim when a patrol with at least five uniformed men arrived.

At the scene of the events, field crime work was carried out by experts from the FGE, carrying out the corresponding procedures,” informed the ministerial authorities.

The emergency services received the report on a confrontation after 4:00 p.m. on April 23. With the details of the Guerrero Prosecutor’s Office, reports on alleged hitmen who attacked municipal officials are ruled out. Although there were preliminary reports of five wounded, the authorities did not offer further details.

After opening fire on his Security colleagues,  the IPAE element tried to run, but in the course of the attacks he was hit by an impact and he was left lying next to a Nissan Tsuru model taxi. Meanwhile, the woman was searched and presented multiple blows, for which she was sent to the hospital.

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