Steph Gómez’s Last Speech At Exatlón México: She Feared She Would Not Compete Again

The high-performance athlete feared not to compete again, in the end, she was seen with integrity despite injuries and illnesses

just a few hours of the death tragic of the famous athlete have announced Exatlón MexicoStephania Gomez, who lost the battle against Covid-19, social networks fans and other artists have enlutecido, some of the contestants of the reality has very good memories with her. Although among her most memorable moments, sadly stand out in those that she had to say goodbye to the broadcasts, with fear that she will never compete again as the high-performance athlete that she was.

After the second removal of Steph in reality sports, in September 2020, gave an emotional message that shocked viewers and her companions, both to Heroes and their rivals in the program.

Well, it took a full year for her to recover from a respiratory condition that afflicted her since her debut in Exatlón. This earned her her first outing and left a record of a disease that would later end her after suffering from the new type of pneumonia that affects more those who have respiratory comorbidity.

Steph Gómez
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“I can’t understand how it happened now, I have many mixed feelings since I returned to this place. As they brought me here, I remembered the first time (that it came out). I know that I will find a reason, one day, and I am very grateful to share with this team, I deeply believe in you ”, she said after a fractured tibia that caused her friends and even rivals to carry her.

At that time, the athlete was already predicting her health with a bad feeling, she said she was worried about her condition and shocked because she did not know what was happening to her body that was conducive to being incapacitated.

“Each one with their peculiarities, with a good rival team, I will miss seeing those faces and seeing new faces. For me this is not easy at all, I am still a competitor, although this worries me a lot. I know I am in good hands. I’m going to keep moving forward, even if it’s very slow for now, ”she said shortly before saying goodbye to Exatlón in 2020.

In that September broadcast, Antonio Rosique assured him that he had not seen an equal competitor in the program, the host of the show said that “she was the strongest of all”, especially for competing since she had health problems.

“You are so strong and something happens. God puts these tests on us to teach us something that we cannot understand. Steph, we have to separate now, it is time for you to undertake another fight, a much more important one, one for your health “, after the emotional farewell, the host of the program assured her that they would see each other again, at least on national television, that did not happen.

Ironically in that broadcast, Rosique took the opportunity to give a message in the context of the coronavirus pandemic that at the moment continues. She sent her solidarity to those who are prostrate by a coronavirus and others who have been impacted by the health crisis.

“I want you to know that there are millions of fans who are also fighting against some disease, for their family, or something that probably surpasses us, but they will see an example in you,” concluded the driver before saying goodbye for the last time, publicly, from Steph.

Steph Gómez lost her life this Tuesday, June 1, victim of complications derived from her COVID-19 infection at Hospital Ángeles de Puebla, where she had been hospitalized for several days.

The news shocked the entertainment medium and the public, who question the lethality of the disease that attacked the high-performance athlete, because, with her healthy and exercised physique, and her youth, it is shocking to know that she has lost her life.

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