Steph Gómez Died: What Happened To Her?

Steph Gómez from Exatlón México dies; The ‘Antorcha Humana’ loses the battle after being hospitalized by Covid-19

Steph Gómez could not cope with Covid-19 and died this Tuesday, June 1 in a hospital in Puebla, where she had been hospitalized since May 26.

The former Exatlón México participant, known as the “Antorcha Humana,” was 30 years old and was a native of Tapachula, Chiapas. She practiced jiu-jitsu, a discipline in which she became recognized as the best exponent at the national level.

“Today we say goodbye to a great woman, athlete, and friend. We will always take you to a very special place. Thank you, Steph for being part of our family. Our beloved Human Torch flies high!”, Wrote Exatlón México on Instagram, as well as sent a message on Twitter.

Who was Steph Gómez and in which edition of the Exatlón México did she participate?

The “Human Torch” participated in Exatlón México 2019. She was part of the Heroes team, with which he was in competition for 14 weeks until she left the reality show.

The Chiapas woman ended her participation in the program, after suffering a fracture in her tibia, a situation that prevented her from continuing to compete. However, she managed to resume her normal activities, as well as in the world of jiu-jitsu.

What did Steph Gómez die off and how long was she hospitalized?

The athlete was infected with Covid-19 and last Wednesday, May 26, she had to be admitted to a hospital in the city of Puebla.

Her brother used social networks to publicize the situation and ask for help in the face of the high cost of treatment.

“As of today, Wednesday, May 26, at 7:55 p.m., Steph is fighting for her life in a serious and delicate condition, ” wrote the athlete’s brother at the time. Unfortunately, Stephania Gómez Vargas, which was her first name, lost the battle with the coronavirus and passed away on June 1.

Reactions and messages after the death of Steph Gómez

The death of Steph Gómez unleashed a wave of messages of consolation to her family, as well as to the memory of the athlete.

“You were a hero on and off the circuits! The family of Venga la Feliz deeply regrets your departure and is in solidarity with all your loved ones. Fly high dear @stephaniago_!”, Published the TV Azteca program on their networks, next to an image of the “Human Torch”.

The wrestler Dragon Lee, who was also part of the program, dedicated a few words: “Strength for her family and may God have her in her holy glory”, as did the reality show itself: “Today we say goodbye to a great woman, athlete, and friend. We will always take you to a very special place. Thank you Steph for being part of our family. Fly high our dear Human Torch! “.

The passage of Steph Gómez by Exatlón México

In the 2020 edition of the reality show Exatlón: Titanes vs Héroes, Steph Gómez was part of the second team, but in the episode broadcast on September 11 of that year, she suffered a spectacular injury that resulted in a fractured tibia, for which she left the program.

Condolences on the death of Steph Gómez

The news fell like a bucket of ice water among former colleagues of the Human Torch, including Antonio Rosique, the Exatlón México driver who fired him with a message on Instagram. She was joined by productions such as Venga la Alegría and fans of the program, as well as the TV Azteca company to offer their condolences.

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