Javier Alarcón released the news through his social networks

Recently, Gerardo Valtierra -former TUDN journalist- had been hospitalized for covid-19; He died early this Sunday, according to Javier Alarcón.  Through his social networks, Alarcón shared what happened during the early hours of this Sunday and wished his family a speedy recovery. ” This morning Gerardo Valtierra has passed away.

A family man and good values. A professional of sports journalism. DEP, friend. God with him and with you, dear Pinguquita.  The virus is still here and continues to split families,” he wrote Alarcón on his Twitter account.

A few hours earlier, Alarcón himself had asked for “double the number of prayers” since Valtierra had to be intubated.


Colleagues by profession, they demonstrated through social networks expressing their condolences and wishing a speedy recovery to his wife and family.

” D escape in Paz Gerardo Valtierra .  My deepest condolences to his wife, to his family, and to all his loved ones and close ones.  It is a very great sadness for many of us who, in one way or another, live together and go through professional and personal circumstances with him, “wrote Paco Villa on his Twitter account.

“Today I have a very sad awakening, upon learning of the death of Gerardo Valtierra, who could no longer cope with this damn creature. We lived together for many years, we lived good and bad, his daughters, his wife, family, and friends in general, my deepest sense condolences. RIP, “said Raúl Sarmiento.

” I deeply regret the death of my dear friend and colleague Gerardo Valtierra. May God provides comfort and prompt resignation to his relatives,” said Murrieta.

” I add myself to the grief that the family of Gerardo Valtierra, partner and friend for many years in Televisa Deportes, is living through this morning.  To his wife Atzimba and to his daughters my wish is a quick resignation. I  embrace them with respect. Rest .  in Peace, “wrote Arturo Rivera.

“It hurts me enormously to learn of the death of Gerardo Valtierra. I cannot find words to describe this regret and give comfort to his family. Friend, partner, Atlanticist, accomplice of dreams for so many years at Televisa, a survivor of an earthquake. Rest in peace, Gerry “Alberto Lati wrote.

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