Singer Belinda Was Infected With COVID-19

According to the artist, she has already overcome the disease. However, there are rumors that it was another condition, which even led to her being hospitalized.

The coronavirus continues to attack, and one of its most recent victims would have been the singer Belinda, who made the news known in an interview through Zoom with the Reform Agency while promoting her most recent musical work. And although he did not elaborate on the condition, it is known that the artist had a bad time.

“I have to get vaccinated, (I haven’t done it) because I just got Covid, so I still can’t,” said the Spaniard, who, according to a publication by on July 13, left a clue about their status on their Twitter profile. There, Beli published a photo of her character Silvana, in Complices to the rescue, hospitalized and looking really bad.

However, the Instagram account @ chamonic3 offers another version of the health problem of Christian Nodal’s fiancée. “They tell me, close people, that it was not covid, that it was somewhat more delicate because of what happened, but they do not specify me,” the profile reads.

“Belinda got sick … Not much is known about that and I don’t want to go into details because few of us know … Maybe that’s Christian’s reason for not attending her dad’s party because he’s taking care of Belinda,” one would have said. an anonymous source, who added that “her representative puts it as covid but I know that is false, that it was something much more serious.”

Apparently, the singer’s fiancé was not infected, because according to, the artist fulfilled the commitments he had agreed to by offering two concerts recently.

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