Sammy Pérez Died: Everything You Need To Know

Sammy Pérez, actor and comedian known for his participation in programs by Eugenio Derbez, such as Televisa’s XHDRBZ, has died after being hospitalized in an emergency after presenting serious symptoms of COVID-19, since last July 18.

The Mexican actor was known for working alongside Eugenio Derbez, but his constant projects have kept him in the public eye. Photo: Instagram

“In the early morning of today at 3:50 am, Sammy Pérez has just suffered a cardiovascular infarction, his little heart has stopped beating, they tried to make maneuvers to save his life but they could not. Rest in peace, Sammy Pérez. You leave us with a very big emptiness in our hearts ”, wrote the people who are in control of their social networks.

The actor who appeared in several programs Eugenio Derbez, and had the first dose of the vaccine against the new coronavirus, however, tested positive for respiratory disease and therefore was hospitalized in mid-July.

The news about the death of Sammy Pérez, who had plans to marry his fiancee Zuleika Garza, was confirmed through his Instagram account.

“In the early morning of today at 03:50 am, Sammy Pérez has just suffered a cardiovascular heart attack, his little heart has stopped beating, they tried to make maneuvers to save his life but they couldn’t. Rest in peace, Sammy Pérez. You leave us with a very big emptiness in our hearts “

Says the message

The producer Miguel Vallejo, of the program “De Más Noche”, where Sammy had some participations, had just informed that the actor was evicted and was in the terminal stage.

“Sammy’s family told me that he is already in a terminal stage, but the point is that, I don’t know why the family, if he is already evicted, wants to remove a kidney because the operation costs more than 400 thousand pesos”

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Pérez spent his last days in a hospital in Colima and both his representative, Daniel de Paz, and his family shared reports about his health on social networks. Sammy’s relatives even opened a bank account to receive financial support from those who were interested in helping them with their medical expenses, which until a few days ago already exceeded half a million pesos.

Sammy Pérez and the covid-19

It was just indicated that his lungs were affected and, according to the doctors, he was  “on a tightrope.”

“Samuel is delicate, he arrived very congested, with a lung badly damaged by the covid. He commented to his partner that he is on a tightrope,” Sammy’s hospitalization was reported.

Shortly after, the comedian’s manager revealed that Sammy had been intubated:

“A few moments ago they just intubated Sammy, they just sedated him, please continue to send him all the good vibes and I will keep you informed of how the whole situation is going,” said the comedian’s manager.

Who was Sammy Pérez?

Sammy Pérez, actor and comedian who was recognized for his participation in the XHDerbez program, was born on October 3, 1965, in Pantepec, Puebla.

In show business, Sammy Pérez began in 1993 when he participated in the Dungeon.

He also participated in the television show Take Free where Facundo left. Although Sammy Pérez was already recognized at that time, it was not until 1997 that he rose to fame thanks to his participation with Eugenio Derbez in the Derbez broadcast in When. Later in 2002 he also participated in XHDRBZ.

The comedian created a strong bond with the viewers who were even part of the group of Televisa’s special coverage in the sports world.

His first appearances in sports humor were in the 2006 World Cup in Germany, when he was part of the Panzona Abierta section, where together with Miguel Luis they were interviewed by Eugenio in La Jugada with some of the then national teams.

Impossible Section lasted a short time since, in that same year, Sammy Pérez left television. Later, in 2008, he returned with Eugenio Derbez for the 2008 Beijing Olympics.

Sammy was also part of the cast of the film No Returns Accepted by Eugenio Derbez.

Sammy Pérez and his fiancee

It was on the program Es Show which Sammy Pérez came as a guest and it was on television that the comedian introduced his girlfriend for the first time. In addition, the couple told how they met and showed their love for each other.

On the broadcast of said program, Sammy Pérez was questioned about his relationship, which led him to take the next step and propose to his girlfriend. “He convinced me last year and we were serious,” said Sammy.

Sammy Pérez recalled that he met her in Guadalajara, according to the comedian, it was love at first sight and he asked her to be his girlfriend the second day he met her. “I fell in love with her and here she is, it was love at first sight, and the next day we were already dating.

I met her at the Guadalajara stadium and the next day I told her that if she wanted to be my girlfriend, the second day, ” said the actor.

Finally, Zuleika, Sammy Pérez’s girlfriend, appeared on the show. The woman mentioned that she lives in Colima and was a promoter of the sale of light aircraft and fumigators. The comedian’s girlfriend said that their courtship began in September.

“It was in Guadalajara, I knew her through a cousin and from there it all began six months ago, in September of last year, ” said Sammy’s future wife.

Zuleika said that Sammy conquered her because he is very romantic and detailed with her, however, she said that he is jealous.

“He is very romantic, very attentive, affectionate. What made me fall in love with him is that he makes me smile all the time, he’s very funny (…), he’s more jealous. When I met him at the time he made me smile ”

It also featured in sports coverage on Mexican television such as the 2006 World Cup in Germany and the Beijing Olympics in 2008.

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