Rosie Rivera Is Looking For Work As A Soap Opera Actress

The younger sister of “La Diva de la Banda” is knocking on doors in the artistic world and shared it with her followers.

Rosie Rivera, who a couple of months ago resigned from her job as CEO of Jenni Rivera Enterprises ( JRE ) and as executor of her late sister Jenni Rivera, is looking for work as a soap opera actress now far from the legacy of the “Diva de the Band ”.

After Rosie’s unexpected resignation from her sister’s legacy, a great controversy broke out among the Rivera family that involved almost all the members, but she always starred as the executor of Jenni’s inheritance because she resigned and began an audit that she would investigate her work at the JRE company in her almost 10 years of running it.

Through her Instagram and YouTube account, the youngest of the “Diva de la Banda” siblings announced that she was preparing to do an acting casting through a video that she had to record.

Together with her husband, she shared how passionate she is about the world of acting and the goals she has set for this new stage of her life.

“It is a casting that came and if God wants to open that door … and if not, I will continue,” began her video.

She explained that she respects the profession of the actors and admires them for their work, so she was not willing to accept to embody a character without first preparing well to do a casting.

She also shared that she has taken acting classes to be able because for many years she had been interested in this art, so she is sure she has the talent to be able to venture into that area of ​​entertainment.

Rosie and her husband even discussed the possibility of moving to Miami for a few months so that she can work quietly on the recordings if they give her the role she auditioned for.

A few minutes after the videos were uploaded, Internet users commented on their opinion about this new Rosie project and several criticized her for doing less the audit for which she is supposedly being investigated by her own nephews and because she recently claimed that confronting the media caused her anxiety.

Some people also criticized her for pretending to belong to the art world when she had said that she did not like the way in which that area of ​​entertainment took her away from her family and her dreams of being a writer.

Due to the different versions that were emerging about the JRE audit, Rosie said through a video that during the promotional tour of her latest book she would refuse to speak with any Hispanic media due to the anxiety they caused her.

“I’m going to ask the media … From now on, the answer is” no” Please do not go see the airport, I want to make clear that I am struggling with post-traumatic stress disorder ( PTSD ), which began with sexual abuse, he was reborn with the death of my sister, and when I saw that this, with all the media, especially when there are several […] it starts to give me anxiety ”.

Rosie Rivera
Johnny López assured that his uncles are lying about the origin of the investigation that is being carried out in his mother’s company (Photos: File / Instagram @juanriveramusic @rosierivera)

And it is that although she has denied it, according to Johnny López, Jenni Rivera’s youngest son, she and her four brothers agreed to follow the singer’s last will, so they approached their aunt Rosie to give them a report accounting for the company, papers that they had to be handed over every year since the death of their mother in 2012.

“It is not an audit, it is an accounting of the companies so my mother’s will says, it says that we should receive an accounting at the end of each year, but we have never received anything, ” Johnny said a month ago when Rosie and Juan assured that this investigation was nothing out of the ordinary.

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