Rosie Rivera Attacks A Reporter And Says She Will Sue Him

After a lawsuit with her niece Chiquis Rivera, Rosie Rivera attacks a reporter and says she will sue him for this situation.

Rosie Rivera is involved in a family mess because despite the fact that the investigations they did about the companies of her sister Jenni Rivera came out well , her niece Chiquis Rivera continues to distrust her and maintains that the husband of Rosie stole $ 80,000.

Because of that, Rosie has said that it is all a show she doesn’t want to be in. “They’re saying ‘Rosie, what’s your side? What are you going to say? What are you going to answer?’ My answer is that I am not going to answer, that I do not give time to those things, that I am not going to enter the circus that the media enjoy so much. I haven’t done it, I’m not going to do it, it’s not my style ”.

Due to this situation, several media have wanted to speak with her and thus give them the exclusive, but according to Martha Figueroa, one of them did worse with Rosie, because she threatened that she was going to sue them.

Do you know who the Devil got into? You remember that here Rosie was very quiet. I have a reporter friend who wrote to Rosie on WhatsApp when she started this little affair to ask her for an interview and for her to give her version of the lost wool and all that. Then Rosie, first answered angrily: ‘Who did She think She had her phone number?’ and to be writing to him.

But the situation does not end there, because after She told her that She is a reporter, she decided to threaten him. “Rosie Rivera told him well, I’m not going to give you anything, nor am I going to give you an interview, and if you say you spoke to me and mention my name, I’m going to sue you,” said Figueroa.

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