Rosie Rivera Announced Her Resignation As CEO Of Jenni Rivera’s Brand

The singer left all her assets in the hands of her younger sister, who has managed her inheritance for 8 years

Rosie is the younger sister of Jenni Rivera and currently serves as executor of the singer’s estate and CEO of the brand, announced that she is tired of continuing to be the main protector of her sister’s assets and announced her retirement .

Through her YouTube channel , Rosie Rivera said that she has been preparing her resignation for years as the person in charge of managing her sister’s assets, the singer Jenni Rivera , as she assured that she no longer endured so much hatred, lawsuits and mistakes that were made to her. placed in her hands at the death of the interpreter of The Great Lady .

After serving almost 10 years of being the executor of Jenni’s legacy, the youngest of the Rivera Saavedra family expressed that many times she has felt a lot of anger towards her sister for having placed such a great weight on her shoulders.

“I am thrown, overnight, into the public, and I am no longer free , because I can no longer be me, because I have all eyes on me, ‘ How are you handling money? ‘,’ How are you running business? ‘ ‘how are the kids?’. And then, without meaning to, they treated me as if I were the executor of the entire Rivera family.

She said that even her relatives many times only contact her to talk about business or money, of which she is already tired, because, according to her words, that has caused the criticism she receives for every decision she makes, since they all question whether she is using the singer’s money for her benefit or as her sister requested.

She added that people always try to know how much her income is , what her husband works for, how much her house costs or the clothes she wears.

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she only thing that has kept Rosie as executor and CEO of her sister’s legacy has been the love and gratitude she feels for her, despite this she revealed that she wants to start rebuilding her life , because all her dreams were extinguished by dedicating her energy to Jenni Rivera.

Now she wants to dedicate hier life to her children, her marriage and publish a book in which she will speak of God. She assures that at no time will she use her sister’s name, because she wants to make a career that is hers, not the Rivera surname.

Her retirement will be in 2023 when she turns 10 years of being an executor, but he stated that if he can do it sooner, he will gladly do so. There are still many unfinished projects, including several albums, a series and a movie , which will continue to completion.

She is looking for a new CEO of the Jenni Rivera brand , as Rosie assured that she will not be a member of the family because it is a great responsibility and she does not want to continue to have misunderstandings, but she will never be able to resign from her role as executor.

Between tears, she said that during the first years after the death of the interpreter of Mírame , he fell asleep and woke up crying, so now she thinks she deserves a rest.

Rosie said she was grateful to Jenni for the opportunity to allow her to grow, she also thanked her family for giving her enough confidence to lead the singer’s brand and have enough patience to achieve the success that the image of Jenni Rivera has had after her death.

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