Rosie Rivera Broke The Silence On The Alleged Internal Investigation Of Chiquis For Inheritance

The sister of the “Diva de la banda” said confirmed the audit and said she wants to leave the company in the best possible state

Rosie Rivera, sister, and executor of Jenni Rivera confirmed that an audit is being carried out to Jenni Rivera Enterprises (JRE), which allegedly would have been requested by her niece Chiquis Rivera after her resignation as CEO and executor of the fortune of the singer, so she said not to be afraid.

The magazine TV y Novelas published that Chiquis Rivera, daughter of the “Diva de la banda”, had her uncles Rosie Rivera and Juan Rivera carry out an audit in order to find out what the current status of the company is and the money she left behind. her mother, in particular, because of the unexpected resignation of her aunt from her position as executor and JRE CEO.

In this regard, Rosie Rivera did a life of her social networks, where she explained that the real reason for the audit is because the owners, who in this case are the five children of the interpreter, want to know the monetary status of the company. In detail, Jenni Rivera’s sister said that she is not the first, because some time ago one of them requested her.

“An audit means that the beneficiaries want to know how their money is being managed because the money is theirs, it always was and always will be, it is so common that since I started this assignment we already knew it, it is not a surprise. It’s not even the first, ”she explained in the video taken from @ chicapicos2.

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Rosie said that audits are normal in any company because they are a means of knowing how its operation has been carried out. She declared that she had not wanted to go public because she knows how to keep her life private, not because she is afraid that the results will turn out against him. She also said that since the sudden death of the “Diva”, her lawyers have been supervising the management of her fortune in each of their areas.

“Accountability doesn’t scare my husband or school or work. I am a person who is supported by limits (…) I am not hiding from anything, who should not fear, even this audit can support me, support everyone ”, she declared.

The 39-year-old businesswoman recalled when her sister proposed that she be her executor in case she needed him to which they both joked because they did not think it was necessary. In turn, Rosie commented that the audit should not attract so much attention because it is common and that she lashed out at the media that only misrepresents the data with a dramatic purpose.

“ There is no interesting until she is a leader until she is someone of influence and especially because I am a woman of God, that is where it becomes interesting because my sister is an extremely important woman because her children are extremely important but in reality, they’re adding the drama, ”she said

For this reason, Rosie requested that the media not come to interview her at the airport because she will not answer questions on any subject. She assured me that she is open to the possibility of having a conversation with a reporter as long as they request it from their manager and it is one by one.

Rosie said that she is happy with the work she has done in memory of Jenni and with the support she has given her nephews. She explained that she decided to leave her position because it is a good time and she will be in charge of preparing the next person for about a year so that everything continues as it is now.

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