Roselyn Sánchez Suffered A Mishap That Took Her To The Hospital

The Puerto Rican actress expressed that she does not like to delay the recordings due to any situation

Yesterday, the Puerto Rican actress Roselyn Sánchez visited the hospital because she suffered a mishap in her right foot, which caused the dislocation of her little toe.

The 48-year-old model is an actress, model, and producer from San Juan, Puerto Rico. At age 21 she came to live in the United States where she learned to speak English and has developed in different roles in film and television .

This weekend, Roselyn Sánchez had a minor accident involving her right foot, causing her little finger to be dislocated. With great pain, the model had to seek medical assistance to attend to her dislocation and could continue with the recordings of her next project, as it was recently announced that she will be part of the Fantasy Island series.

Roselyn Sánchez In Hospital
The model suffered a mishap in which the little toe of her right foot was dislocated (Photo: @ roselyn_sanchez / Instagram)

“Dislocated finger. I’m hysterical, I don’t like to delay production. Well, we continue, ”she wrote on her Instagram stories.

The actress who gave life to “Carmen Luna” in the series Malvadas Criadasshared a video on her social networks, where she showed how Dr. Carlos Fraga checked her limb and placed her finger in its place. Wearing a black dress and shower sandals, Roselyn Sánchez remained prostrate on a hospital gurney while being treated by the specialist and, with the intention of not seeing or screaming at the pain I felt, she covered her face with a black cap.

At the end of the medical process, the actress thanked the doctor for the care she received and today, in the morning, she shared a short video of the view she enjoys from the place where she is staying in San Juan, Puerto Rico.

The post was taken up by the account of the Suelta la Sopa program, where the actress’s fans sent her their best wishes and wished her a speedy recovery.

“Oh dear, let him recover “, “Oops, she must have seen the stars because it happened to me and she is sad that that area is not plastered “, “I hope it is not serious”, ” That hurts a lot “, they wrote the users of the platform.

In mid-April, it was announced that the Puerto Rican will be the protagonist of the sequel to Fantasy Island, where she will play the character of Elena Roarke, a relative of the original protagonist of the series, Mr. Roarke, who was played by Mexican actor Ricardo Montalbán.

After the success of six years, a sequel, and a film inspired by the story, the Fox television network intends to return the story to the small screen 40 years later since its premiere in 1978. In addition, the producer explained that it will try to imitate the original format of the hit series from the 70s, where attendees’ dreams come true in a tropical context.

Roselyn Sánchez has developed a large part of her artistic career in the United States. The Puerto Rican has participated in other television series such as Without a Trace and films such as Rush Hour 2 alongside Chris Tucker and Jackie Chan; Coaching Dad with Dwayne Johnson “The Rock”; and Cayo, where she was the protagonist. She also has participated in the telenovela Familia for sale.

A few years ago, the actress was criticized for maintaining her Puerto Rican accent during her projects in English. During an interview for The Associated Press program, the model explained that she cannot completely eliminate it because she learned the language as an adult.

“They ask me, ‘Why can’t you delete it?’ For the same reason that Antonio Banderas, Salma Hayek, Penelope Cruz, and Javier Bardem cannot do it. We moved to the United States as adults, ”she commented.

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