Roger Cudney Died: How Did Actor Die?

Mexico.- Televisa and the entertainment world are in mourning when the tragic death of a beloved first actor of American origin, but Mexican at heart, has been confirmed.

This is Roger Cudney, who died last Monday, July 5 at the age of 85. He was reportedly disconnected after suffering two cardiac arrests in just a few days. The actor was born in Ohio, United States but had been living and working in Mexico for more than 50 years.

Known for his work in telenovelas and Televisa units such as La Rosa de Guadalupe (2018) and El corazón never errca (2019), the first actor also stood out for his participation in Mexican films such as No returns accepted (2013), Cantinflas ( 2014), The perfect dictatorship (2014) and Mentada de padre (2019).

In Hollywood he also developed much of his career, appearing in films such as Wild Justice (1984), Rambo II (1985), James Bond 007: Licensed to Kill (1989), Avenger from the Future (1990), and Original Sin (2001). ).

The deterioration of the health of the first actor began in May of this year when he and his wife Eloisa suffered a severe car accident when returning to CDMX after passing the Covid-19 pandemic in Cozumel, Quintana Roo.

As reported by TVNotas, on May 9 the actor’s wife was driving in Lomas de Chapultepec when she allegedly ran out of brakes on descent and, to avoid hitting someone, she crashed into a tree.

According to the magazine, “this caused the couple multiple fractures and complications; they were in intensive care for many days in the Spanish Hospital of CDMX, she being the most serious and requesting blood donors ».

The actor’s lung was perforated, he had a fracture of the ribs, sternum, and sacrum for which he had to spend the last few days immobilized and his wife still has seven more months to go (immobilized), “said the media.

As reported by this medium, the actor spent his last months surrounded by his family and had just celebrated his birthday at the end of June.

This past July 2, he suffered a heart attack while in recovery, which he survived, but on Sunday 4 he suffered another and according to reports “his family, out of love, decided to disconnect him since his heart was severely damaged.”

The actor finally lost his life in a hospital in Mexico City and the next day he was cremated in the French Pantheon.

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