Roberto Tapia Breaks The Silence About Rafael Amaya’s State Of Health.

Rafael Amaya is immersed in a great controversy after a video was released a few days ago in which he apparently suffered a nervous breakdown on the streets of Tijuana in Mexico. However, Roberto Tapia spoke through his social networks to publicize the current state of health of his great friend.

In a video that was published exclusively by TV Notes magazine, Amaya appears at a Tijuana gas station during the wee hours of the morning in an obvious state of anguish for allegedly having been the victim of an attempted kidnapping by a group of subjects aboard a van.

In the images of the video, the Mexican actor asked the people who helped him to communicate directly with the Public Ministry of Mexico to make their respective complaints. Despite the fact that police officers insisted that he was out of danger, Rafael Amaya was very concerned about the possible persecution.

TV Notes detailed that Amaya had allegedly suffered a delusion of persecution as a result of his past addictions to alcohol and drugs.

Karem Guedimin, manager of the interpreter, offered statements to the entertainment show “Suelta La Sopa” where he mentioned that Rafael Amaya had reacted with great annoyance to the leak of the video by the Mexican magazine.

In a recent post on Instagram , Roberto Tapia decided to clarify everything related to the current state of health of the actor, whom he has repeatedly described as one of his great friends in the Spanish-speaking entertainment industry.

“Hello good day. I have received many messages about the health of my compadre Rafael Amaya, he is in very good health and preparing for the tour ‘Los Compadres’ and to continue with his acting career ”, mentioned the singer.

Tapia continued to assure that Amaya’s addictions are part of his past: “Remember that he was the one who spoke about his problem with drugs and that was part of his past.”

“Today I thank God and I continue to support him because for me he is like a brother and I will never stop supporting him. You will see it very soon and it will give you a great surprise that I know you will be very happy about. It comes with everything and renewed, my compadrito. Thanks to all who continue to support him ”, added the musician.

Currently, Rafael Amaya is preparing to return to public life with a musical tour called “Tour Los Compadres” where he will be accompanying Roberto Tapia in a series of concerts in the main cities of the United States. During the presentations, Amaya will share and take pictures with his thousands of fans.

The Mexican star admitted his alcohol and drug dependency problems in a revealing exclusive interview with People en Español magazine in December 2020. At that time, Amaya was held in a rehabilitation center in Culiacán, Sinaloa in Mexico. to be able to overcome their addiction problems.

After being discharged from the “Baja del Sol” Clinic in Mexico in mid-December 2020, Rafael Amaya has been spending time with his family in Mexico for the last few months before his great return to the health industry. performance after his successful participation in the Telemundo series “El Señor de los Cielos”.

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