In recent days, Roberto Hernández, producer of the telenovela Amor del Barrio, passed away. He selected Guatemala as part of one of the scenarios for the final chapters of this television project.

Roberto Hernández, producer of Mexican novels, passed away on January 9. One of them was Amor del Barrio, in which Hernández came with the cast to film part of the last chapters of this production and in which the Guatemalan musician Fidel Funes was highlighted.

Hernández studied at the National Theater School of the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM). I work at Televisa San Ángel as a production assistant and there he developed. He participated in productions such as Corazón Salvaje and Sueño de Amor.

One of his most memorable projects was that of the novel Amor del Barrio. We remember a chapter that the streets of Antigua Guatemala and the artist Fidel Funes were the great protagonists in a part of history.

The Mexican novel was produced for Televisa in 2015. 107 episodes were presented and it was seen in more than 130 countries.

What is the story about?

This story originally took place especially in a place called La Lagunilla, where different characters shared there. Paloma Madrigal Bernal (Renata Notni) lives in this neighborhood of Mexico  , an outgoing, cheerful and romantic woman.

She is convinced that true love does exist in these times and she will find it. Study the last semester of the law career. Her biggest dream is to become a defense attorney to help all those who experience the injustice of the judicial system.

Also in La Lagunilla lives Laura Vasconcelos Arriaga  (Alejandra García) , a responsible and hardworking woman, to whom the difficult life she has led has made her a bit tough and ambitious. She is about to finish her studies due to maturity, since her stepfather did not let her continue studying and she would like to be a rich woman. In fact, due to a misunderstanding of her mother, Laura believes she is the daughter of a powerful and millionaire man whom she is about to meet; But reality will open your eyes, giving you the opportunity to achieve your dreams through honest work and true love.

In one of the chapters the characters Renata Notni, Mane de la Parra, Alejandra García, Manuel Landeta, Julieta Rosen, Paul Stanley, Pedro Moreno and Fernanda Arozqueta, among others, visit Antigua Guatemala. They performed at the Palacio del Ayuntamiento and in front of the Cathedral of the colonial city, as in other places. The shooting in total lasted five days.

The episode highlights the participation of Guatemalan Fidel Funes, whom the protagonists admire and with whom they exchange a few words and take a selfie.

According to the record during the filming, Fidel Funes stressed that this participation is in addition to the four films in which he has participated:   Road to Hell, The Golden Cage, Three Times Wet and Land of Iguanas.

The artist Funes was born on March 12, 1956 at Finca El Perú, in El Tumbador, San Marcos. His father and grandfather were marimbistas and he has also excelled in this profession.

In the 1970s he received his first music classes. At age 14 he became part of the Happy Boys marimba, then joined Marimbas Maderas que Cantan, La Gran Continental and India Maya.

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