Renowned Actor Gerardo Moscoso Dies

Torreón, Coahuila.- The actor, producer, and director Gerardo Moscoso died this Sunday morning in a private hospital in Torreón.

His death is due to several health complications that he had already suffered, unrelated to the Covid-19 pandemic.

This was announced by Ruth Idalia Ysais Antuna, coordinator of the Ministry of Culture in La Laguna, noting that in the next few hours her body will be transferred to the Gayosso Funeral Home in the peripheral ‘Raúl López Sánchez’.

“He died at around 11:30 in the Spanish Sanatorium.”

“I remember him as a humanist, a great cultural promoter and well known, he even had the ‘Xavier Villaurrutia’ Award, which was one of his greatest achievements and of which he was most proud”.

“He was a highly respected voice, he developed the theater a lot at the national level, he was very passionate and with very intense life convictions. His talks never tired anyone ”.

Gerardo Moscoso was born in 1945. He was the son of Galician immigrants and a doctor from the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Compostela.

Gerardo was in charge of the Salvador Novo Theater and the “La Gaviota” theater company from Coahuila .

In addition, he participated in different productions, among which are Marcelino, Depositaries, Pata de gallo, De when the fish died of pleasure, Father Amaro’s crime, Too much love, Tales for lonely, The other conquest, Night lights, All of them witches, The hook, No sender, The queen of the night, I’m going to escape, Cronos, Playa Azul, Tales of Borges, From A to Z, Kill me because I’m dying !, Good customs, Days sin Luna, Redondo, José el dreamer, among other films and plays.

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