Remmy Valenzuela Would Have Paid $ 5,000 To Each Of His Alleged Victims To Avoid Going To Jail.

The singer could have been released from jail after the brutal assault that he allegedly committed against his cousin and his girlfriend, for which he was initially accused of attempted femicide and intentional injuries.

Almost two months after being accused of beating his cousin and his girlfriend, Remmy Valenzuela could be victorious in this lawsuit, after allegedly paying a sum of money to the victims to change the charges against him and be released to step on jail.

At the time, Carlos Armando ‘N’ and his girlfriend, Katy Aracely ‘N’, filed the corresponding complaint with the authorities after the attack that occurred on Sunday, June 6 inside the interpreter’s ranch in Guasave, Sinaloa, as it became known in El Gordo and La Flaca.

Remmy Valenzuela attack his Cousin And His Girlfriend

There, Valenzuela allegedly beat them causing severe injuries that sent them to the hospital and that resulted in fractured cheekbones and kidney problems, as well as multiple lacerations to the body.

Despite the arrest warrant that was turned against Remmy, it seems that the singer never appeared to testify before the authorities, he simply disappeared and it was speculated that he was hiding on a property owned by Julio Preciado .

Given the severity of the injuries to his cousin’s girlfriend, the accusations were, at first, for attempted femicide and intentional injuries, but the lawyer representing the couple changed the crime to family violence and injuries, as it is believed that reached an agreement with the interpreter’s defender, although it is also speculated that the prosecution did not admit the first charges .

The new accusation against Valenzuela does not merit imprisonment and it is rumoured that the victims agreed to close the case out of fear of reprisals. In an interview for El Gordo and La Flaca, Carlos’s mother and Remmy’s aunt had already expressed their fear for the actions that the singer could take against them, so the family was under police surveillance.
Carlos Armando ‘N’ and Katy Aracely ‘N’ changed lawyers, but it was announced that days ago Remmy’s cousin granted him a pardon and the young woman did the same, so the case would be closed and the artist could continue with his career. It is also rumoured that the victims would have signed a confidentiality agreement and that each one would have received a sum of $ 5,000 to forget about the incident .

Remmy Valenzuela attack his Cousin And His Girlfriend

“It is truly incredible, in this country justice is only about money, with money the dog dances in this country. Finally, nothing happened, surely now in his next presentations, who do you think he is going to blame, the media of communication, “said Gustavo Adolfo Infante, who gave his opinion on the matter and points out that Valenzuela will most likely plead innocence in this case.

” Lamentable, shameful and deplorable justice in Sinaloa and in Mexico in general, ” Infante said. For his part, Raúl de Molina agreed with him. “It seems incredible that this man is not imprisoned for what he did and for the simple reason that he paid $ 5,000 he got out of this, they should have put him behind bars, ” said El Gordo.
Raúl and Karina Banda also recalled the brutal attacks that Remmy had allegedly committed against both young people, whose images at the time also impacted Lili Estefan . ” We are going to see how it goes in its presentations because people are not stupid “, commented Karina.

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