Regina Carrot Loses Her Baby: Heartbreaking Story Of The Youtuber

A few days ago, the Mexican YouTuber Regina Martínez, better known as Regina Carrot, had shared with her followers the happy news of her pregnancy

“My baby went to heaven,” said Regina Carrot in a heartbreaking video that she posted on her social networks, to share with her thousands of followers the sad news of her baby’s death. The Mexican YouTuber and lecturer, with tears in her eyes, mentioned that she was living a “very traumatic” moment and that she shared it to show that not everything was perfect in her life, “more in my thing that is motivational, this is part of the real Regina and today I lost my baby. ”

The influencer was 13 weeks pregnant, however, when attending with her gynecologist due to a hemorrhage and having severe pain, they gave her news that broke her heart: her baby had died since week 10. Before this, she has practiced a curettage to Regina Carrot.

With tears in her eyes, the YouTuber originally from the city of Monterrey, state of Nuevo León, Mexico, mentioned that she and her husband Rubén were very excited about the arrival of their son or daughter. She thanked her fans because through the messages they had been sending her through social networks when she announced her pregnancy, they let her baby know that she was very loved.

The also motivational coach Regina Carrot, author of the book ” How to get out of the club of failures “, said that things happen for something and hopes that in the course of 2021 there will be good news. She invited all his followers to “continue living life.” The 22-year-old YouTuber said that she always tries to bring out her best and give her best in people and in herself, but now she was not having a good day.

Six days ago the YouTuber Regina Carrot had shared the happy news of her first pregnancy. “We’re going to be parents, I can’t believe it,” She commented in a post she published on his Instagram feed, a social network where he has more than a million followers. It would be in September when your son or daughter would be born.

Her followers have sent her many tokens of support in these difficult moments: “my girl, what a difficult moment, may God take them by the hand and give them the necessary strength ❤️”, “I send you a hug with all my love”, “You don’t know how sorry I am, adored Regina, my prayers today with you and your baby. We love you a lot”, “I hug you with my soul” and many more.

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