“Reyes passed away yesterday (Friday) of a massive heart attack at his home in Puerto Rico,” he told The Associated Press this Saturday. “Dr. Ramón Gerena certified his death,” he added

García Acosta added that the singer’s brother, Raúl Reyes, would arrive on the island the same Saturday to take charge of the funeral arrangements.

But in the midst of the pain that arises for this death, some messages that the same singer published on his Facebook account highlighted and in which he expressed his main concerns, such as catching COVID-19 despite being vaccinated or facing his last hours of life.

“Creepy what came out on the news about the new shit about COVID … even with your vaccine you will get sick if you don’t take care of yourself … pleaseeeeeeee … please man !!! Take care of yourself with everything !!! ”, he wrote in the comment made a few hours ago.

The coronavirus was undoubtedly one of his greatest fears and it is that he also shared a prayer dedicated to keeping the disease away from homes around the world.

Precisely because of this concern, on April 21 he issued a message that made more than one think about the importance of life and the little things that give meaning to human coexistence.

In the last hours, the sad news of the death of Ray Reyes, a former member of  Menudo, at the age of 51, was released. The artist was currently working on the Súbete a Mi Moto Tour project together with his former colleagues.

The news was confirmed through a press release signed by the president of the public relations agency Grandes Eventos, Lidda García Acosta.

“Our Ray Reyes left our earthly plane. With great regret, we notify the death of our great Ray Reyes, former Menudo and member of the project Súbete a Mi Moto Tou. In this moment of pain, the family asks for space. We request prayer for his family, friends, and fans around the world, “the document reads.

For his part, Raúl Reyes, brother of the former Menudo, shared a publication from his Facebook profile in which he sent a message to family and friends to express his feelings about the loss.

“Dear Friends, Family, and FANS. With enormous pain in my soul, I inform you that my beloved Brother Ray Reyes passed away. I beg you to give us the space to digest all this situation and please pray for our family, especially for my mother which is delicate. I also ask you to don’t forget his legacy, Today more than ever we need to unite, to never stop expressing the love and affection that you feel for your neighbor .. This is one more teaching of the universe! “, describes the post. .

ray reyes died
Ray Reyes /photo

Reyes debuted in Menudo in 1983, alongside members Johnny Lozada, Ricky Meléndez, Charlie Massó, Miguel Cancel and Roy Rosselló. At that time, he replaced Xavier Serbiá, after attending the audition process at the Padosa offices in San Juan, secretly from his parents. Reyes was a fan of Menudo and decided to try his luck at the age of 11 by the hand of a cousin who took him, as he confessed in an interview almost a year ago with the lawyer and singer Roberto Sueiro on his YouTube program “Sueiro directo”.

His last performance in concert in Puerto Rico was in September 2019, when – along with Ricky Meléndez, René Farrait, Miguel Cancel and Johnny Lozada – he was part of the “Súbete a Mi Moto Tou”, produced by José Dueño. During the days leading up to the event, he had a “virtual” encounter with Jorge “Molusco” Pabón, Alí ​​Warrington, and Pamela Noa, after they made joking comments about the singer’s physical appearance on the program “Los Reyes de la punta”.

Ray Reyes Dies
This was the message from his brother Raúl in which he said goodbye to Ray Reyes (Photo: Facebook / Raúl Reyes)

“Do you know why I decided to write to you and let you know my shrinking and a lot of sadness for what they did? Because they hurt my mom and my son … at this moment my son hates them because he knows about my medical conditions for which I gained weight and it seemed unfair and pathetic that two whales (his words) made fun of his dad and they will not appreciate the effort that I have been making taking care of my health for me and for them … He is a very good and respectful boy but what he wanted and wants is to break your face … and my mother? There, if the one who would like to break it is me kabron ….. My mother cried today for what she is, a protective mother who does not want them to talk like that about her son … Call to talk to me and it is so good and so noble, she asked me not to listen to you ”, she read part of the message posted on her social networks.

With the “Súbete a Mi Moto Tou”, the ex-Menudos had a tour of the United States and Latin America scheduled, but they could barely complete their full house commitments in Orlando and Atlanta, as the closures and cancellations of events were declared due to the COVID pandemic -19.

Reyes was a critic of the recent series “Get on my bike”, about the Latin band Menudo through Amazon Prime Video. Reyes explained in October 2020 that the production would be complete if someone had asked him about “the happiness of having been a member, the sadness and pressure at that age … and the beautiful things that I experienced along with the horrible things that I also experienced.”

For the former member of the group, the narrative of the series was put together by reviewing the media of the time and watching videos of presentations from the past and from the experience of the founder and creator of Menudo, Edgardo Díaz.

At the end of last September, he was one of the most vocal exMenudos after learning about the health status of Anthony Galindo, who was also a former member of Menudo and MDO, who finally passed away on October 3.

Meanwhile, on April 21, the singer, who had expressed his grief over the death of Myraida Chaves, wrote a text on his social networks in which he exhorted his followers to enjoy every moment of life because “perhaps today could be the last time”.


”To everyone I love. Maybe today you could be doing something that will be the last time you do it. Maybe today is the last time we talk to each other and we don’t know. That is why it is so important that we enjoy, that we hug, that we kiss, say thank you, sorry, I love you, I love you … because maybe today could be the last time !! “, Reyes, who months, posted on Facebook. earlier during the interview with Sueiro, he confessed that he was afraid of death.

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