Rafael Amaya Reappeared After Three Years On Instagram [PHOTO]

Mexican actor Rafael Amaya returned to social networks after three long years of absence and reappeared in a photograph with his manager and a production executive from Telemundo television .

“Heavy artillery,” said the Mexican actor in the photograph that he uploaded to his official profile on Instagram in the company of his work team.

Amaya’s fans were quick to react to her great return to social networks: “We missed you around here”, “The mere grouper is back”, “The mere grouper returned”, “We were all waiting for his return”, “He returned The Lord of the Skies ”,“ The king is back ”,“ At last the legend is back ”,“ Thank God you are alive ”,“ How nice to see that you are well ”,“ We ​​miss you too much ”.


Rafael Amaya’s followers had been very concerned about his absence from social networks over the last few years, many even mentioned that he had possibly died as a result of his addiction problems. However, no theory was supported by evidence.

In December 2020, the telenovela gallant offered an exclusive interview to People en Español magazine where he assured that his absence from the artistic medium and digital platforms was due to the fact that he lived one of the most difficult moments in the field staff for their alcohol and drug addiction problems.

“I am a human being, I am not a robot. I got carried away by alcohol, banalities. He was blinded by the dark cloak of drug addiction, “Amaya admitted to the US publication .

The actor told People en Español that his dependence on alcohol and drugs led him to isolate himself and lose his inner peace: “I was resentful of very personal things and little by little I was immersed in the dark mud of alcohol and drugs. I have been living all the possible excesses that have been and have been. I was alone for a long time, hurting my loved ones, my friends, my colleagues and the public as well ”.

During his interview with the magazine , Rafael Amaya described Julio César Chávez, Roberto Tapia, Carlos Appel and Karem Guedimin as the angels that “surround” him, this because they helped him to enter a rehabilitation clinic in Mexico to receive the necessary medical attention and to be able to heal their addiction problems.

Amaya was discharged from the “Baja del Sol” Clinic in December 2020, this after long months of treatment to completely get away from his addiction problems that had him on the brink of death.

Currently, the actor has received the necessary support from his family and his manager Karem Guedimin, who was one of the people who reached out to him in one of the darkest moments of his life.

Rafael Amaya, who has been away from melodramas since his participation in the series “El Señor de los Cielos”, assured People en Español that he plans to return to television soon with a project that allows him to reconnect with the love they transmit to him. his thousands of followers.

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