Photo Of Jenni Rivera And Ángela Aguilar “Proof” That The Singer Is Alive

An alleged photo of the singers has gone viral, as some people claim that it is “proof” that the ‘Diva de la banda’ is alive.

MEXICO.— A few days ago, a video in which Jenni Rivera supposedly prepared ceviche for one of her daughters became a trend on social networks, because according to some fans and Internet users, this was another “proof” that the singer was alive.

Now, an image of Angela Aguilar in the company of the ‘Diva de la banda’ would add to the “evidence” to verify that the interpreter of “Unforgettable” did not die in a plane crash.

Jenni, a friend of Angela Aguila?

In social networks, a photograph was shared in which the daughter of the singer Pepe Aguilar could be seen, in the company of one of the greatest exponents of Mexican regional music: Jenni Rivera. Although there is no description whatsoever, users assured that the interpreter of “When a lady dies” met with the youngest of the Aguilar dynasty.

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Jenni Rivera is alive

It should be noted that the photo could well be an edit made by a fan, however, some netizens pointed out that it could be a woman with a huge resemblance to Jenni. While others assured that it is a well-done montage, but ultimately a false image and that it does not prove that the singer is still alive.

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