Paty Navidad Responded To Her Positive For COVID-19

Since noon this Thursday, the information that the actress had allegedly been infected with coronavirus emerged; now she issued a cryptic message about it

After it was unveiled to some positive cases COVID-19 to the interior of the production of MasterChef Celebrity, why I had to pause the recording of the popular reality of TV Aztecanow he has confirmed one.

And it is that in the last hours the information had emerged that the participants of the cooking program underwent a test to detect the presence of the SARS-CoV-2 virus, being Paty Navidad who would have been positive.

Now she is the same actress who, true to her ideology, shared a cryptic message addressing this information, and argued that she was “completely healthy.” This is how She wrote it on her Instagram account:

“ This means COVID-19, it is a key that has to do with Artificial Intelligence, with Digital Identity, with vaccination, among other things. I am not sick of a New World Order key … I am completely healthy and without any symptoms of absolutely nothing, “wrote the controversial actress at the bottom of an image wherewith typography of different sizes and in three colors, it is explained -without proven foundation-, what does the acronym COVID-19 mean.

“Certificate Of Vaccination IDentification 19- Artificial Intelligence – Gematria Alphabet”
The also singer, famous for more than a year mainly for her scandalous denial statements of the disease caused by the new coronaviruses, admitted to having undergone a protocol test to be able to work in the facilities of TV Azteca and although she was not direct when referring to her presumed contagion, he expressed that she does not present symptoms:

“I respect the different thoughts and I have no problem in taking protocol tests that are now essential requirements to be able to work, but I definitely think that no one in the world is infected with a” lethal virus “without having a single symptom … as they now say that is my case. ”He added.

Likewise, Navidad, who works for the first time in the television station after a long career at Televisa, offered and asked for respect: “I reiterate my respect for those who think differently from me, but like them, I also deserve respect, even if I think and is very different from the vast majority. For your attention thanks! LET’S SAY NO TO FEAREDOVIRUS! ”.

Half an hour before sharing such a message, the native of Culiacán, Sinaloa, also posted another image of the style, urging non-vaccination: “NO TO THE NEW DICTATORIAL AND TYRANIC WORLD ORDER! NO TO FEAR, NO TO MANIPULATION AND NO TO THE LIE! #YoNoMeVacuno ”, she wrote at the bottom of the postcard where it is mentioned that the PCR test is an“ instrument to provoke fear, control masses and dehumanize ”.

This news comes after several months in which the 48-year-old actress has been strongly criticized for spreading an ideology that disbelieves the lethality of the disease and links it directly with a supposed “New World Order”, in which “the elite “Seeks to control the population to manipulate the future of humanity.

Despite the fact that her Twitter account has been withdrawn twice allegedly due to the dissemination of her ideology, Paty has remained firm in her speech, with which she speaks against vaccination, social distancing, and the use of a mask, which he has referred to as “muzzle”.

It also transpired that the host of MasterChef Celebrity MéxicoRebecca de Alba, would also have tested positive for all the participants of the reality show. This was announced by the magazine TVNotas in the words of its alleged informant within the production:

“ Every Monday they do tests to see how they are doing, so that day Rebecca, since she arrived, mentioned that she felt tired, they did the rapid test and it came out positive, and that is why they stopped from Monday, they did the PCR test and the other day she came out infected again, “ said the magazine.

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