Patricio Castillo Died: How Did Actor Die?

The first actor died today at the age of 81 after being hospitalized for several days due to lung problems

On the afternoon of this Thursday, April 15, the unfortunate news was released that the first Chilean actor, Patricio Castillo, died at the age of 81 after spending just over a month in the hospital due to a lung condition.

During the last days, the actor’s health was affected, as it registered low saturation, so it was speculated that it was COVID-19, however, his wife denied these rumors and stressed that it was a lung condition that has been afflicting for a long time

However, through social networks the National Association of Actors (ANDA) confirmed the news of the death of the first Chilean actor, who in fact was part of the union; On the other hand, producer Kiko Campos wrote on Twitter that he was very sorry for the death of his friend.

Patricio Castillo Died

“Thank you for your concern, I am hospitalized but thank God it is not Covid, I am stable, happy, and grateful with life,” Castillo wrote on his social networks after speculation about his health was unleashed.

The actor also expressed on his Instagram account that he was “impressed with the amount of things that can be invented.” “I reiterate, I am stable, and very happy, ” he concluded in the brief message.

Within the information that was released then it was learned that the actor was admitted to the Angeles del Pedregal Hospital in Mexico City.

To quell any speculation, Castillo’s wife, Haunani Ramírez, offered an interview to the Hoy program. “It is not COVID, but it is something that is also something delicate, it is a lung condition that my husband has had for some time and that has required this hospitalization .”

Patricio Castillo died
Patricio Castillo /Photo

“Thank God he is quite stable, or at least that is how the doctors tell us, and we believe so. And that is precisely why my husband had not wanted to make this public, far from it, regardless of the fact that he is a first actor who has never been handled by any kind of scandals, “he added in the talk, where he was also optimistic about the status of her husband.

The speculations were unleashed after the magazine TV Notes assured that Castillo had been hospitalized for an alleged diagnosis of lung cancer. “Unfortunately we found out that the actor has been hospitalized for a few days at Hospital Angeles, south of Mexico City. The information that reached the writing of TvNotas, indicates that the first actor suffers from cancer and his state of health is reported as serious, “said the aforementioned publication.

For now, the exact cause of his death has not been released.

The trajectory of Patricio Castillo

Although he was born in Santiago de Chile on November 18, 1939, Castillo became a figure in the film, theater, and television in Mexico.

Patricio Castillo Died
Patricio Castillo and Jacqueline Andere in “La mexicana y el güero” (IG: patriciocastilloficial)

Active until the end, last year he appeared in La mexicana y el güero, but before he had participated in My husband has a family, Yago, La Candidata, Mentir para vivir, Sortilegio and other important titles on Televisa, including Agudamientos de color de rosa and The Sin of Oyuki

Although he began his career in television with Emilio Azcárraga’s company in the late 70s, his career also included musical theater with El diluvio que ven , television series ( Los simuladores, Chespirito, Como dice el saying and My dear inheritance ) and cinema, where he stood out in classic films such as Amores Perros, Actas de Marusia and Mecánica Nacional.

“We regret the sensitive death of the first actor Patricio Castillo RIP We send our condolences to his family and friends”

It was part of the statement shared by the morning of Televisa regarding the recent death of the actor, who managed to conquer the public through his tender character in the telenovela ” La Mexicana y el Güero

It is worth mentioning that Patricio Castillo not only worked in this melodrama but also conquered the big screen in films such as “The devil knows more than an old man”, “Thief of memories”, “Chilangas Chronicles” and “Amores perros”.

For this reason, the death of the actor has shocked several Mexican entertainment artists, who had the opportunity to work with him and who have now shared their condolences with the interpreter’s family.

It should be remembered that Castillo had a great successful career in Mexico; his time in soap operas began in ‘Viviana’ in 1978. He also participated in ‘Tres Mujeres’ and ‘Mentir para Vivir’; his last participation on the small screen was in “La Mexicana y el Güero”.

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