After seven months in ‘Exatlón’, the most famous couple of ‘Titanes’ announced on TV Azteca that they are already trying to become parents, after which Mhoni Vidente predicted that they would be twins and would be born in 2021

Mexico City.- After forming one of the most beloved and controversial couples in Exatlón, the members of ‘ Titanes ‘, Pato Araujo and Zudikey Rodríguez, revealed in Mimí Contigo that they already want and are planning to become parents very soon, after what Mhoni Vidente was linked to on TV Azteca, who said that they will be twins and will be born at the end of 2021.

Araujo and Rodríguez were one of the couples who appeared in the program of the former members of Flans, they confessed that they are already in the process of becoming parents very soon, pointing out that if they were not before it is due to Exatlon.

The sprinter before the camera of Mimí Contigo revealed that months before returning to the beaches of the Mexican Republic they were already trying to become parents for the first time together, since she wants to have another child, indicating that she is ready after her unfortunate loss years ago.

Exatlón crossed our path , but I want to share with you that we already had plans to be parents, because we have a very beautiful love and we know that a child is going to grow up in a great way. We already want to be parents “, confessed Zudikey. 

After this, they linked up with the famous astrologer and she told them that according to the letters she drew, between October and December they would receive the joy of having two children in their family.

The card that will dominate Patricio at this time is going to be the ace of cups, which means that something very good is coming for his house, that is, he will be a father, for the month of October or December, they will be twins and the two kids, “Mhoni said.

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