Pasión Kristal Died: What Happened To Him?

According to information from local media, the figure was in the state of Guerrero to participate in a wrestling show

the Mexican wrestling milieu is in mourning. This Wednesday various media in Guerrero state reported the death of the “exotic fighter” Pasión Kristal. According to the first unofficial versions, during the early morning, she was on the seashore in the company of Jessy Ventura and Diva Salvaje, members of “Las Shotas”, when a wave swept over Kristal. Her body continues to be wanted by the authorities.

According to some of her companions, the  44-year-old fighter was going to participate in an event at the Copa Cabana Bar in Acapulco, where she would face the Son of the Octagón.

Hours after the event was reported to the authorities, the official Lucha Azteca AAA Twitter account confirmed her death. “The exotic fighter Pasión Kristal drowned in Acapulco , Guerrero, sources confirm to #LuchaAzteza. RIP! ”, They assured in the social network.

Similarly, various chroniclers and journalists linked to the sport of pankration reported the death. One of the most prominent was Leonardo Riaño, TUDN narrator, who reported “Figures, sad news. The exotic gladiator of @luchalibreaaa, Pasión Kristal drowned in the port of Acapulco, according to reports she was swept away by a wave. Rest in peace ”, in @TotalmenteLeo .

Pasión Kristal
Pasión Kristal, Jessy Ventura and Diva Salvaje were in Acapulco, Guerrero because they would participate in a wrestling show the night of June 2 (Photo: Instagram / @ salvajediva)

Gabriel Zentella Damián, the 44-year-old man who played the character of Pasión Kristal, was in the company of her team in Acapulco, Guerrero. According to a poster spread on social networks, the team was known as “Las Shotas” would star in the super stellar fight against the triad made up of the Son of Octagón, Atlantis Jr., and Brazo de Oro Jr. The event would take place in a restaurant bar Township.

Later, on Sunday, June 6, she would participate in the Naucalpan Arena, where she would face eight wrestlers in a fight organized by the International Wrestling Revolution Group ( IWRG ).

Upon hearing the news, various users, commentators, and colleagues of the fighter expressed their condolences. Among them was Máximo, who through her official Twitter account @MaXiMo_Sioux affirmed “ How difficult and complicated it to understand this type of news . God will have you in her blessings. My condolences to the whole family. We will always remember you, Pasión Kristal ”.

Another character who added to the reactions was Rush. The wrestler stated on her account @rushtoroblanco : “RIP Pasión Kristal. What unfortunate news. A big hug for the whole family, for all your fans. God has it in her Holy Glory ”.

Similarly, @luchalibreaaa’s company reported that “#LuchaLibreAAA Worldwide joins in the grief for the sensitive death of Juan Gabriel Zentella Damián ‘Pasión Kristal’ . We raise our prayers for her eternal rest and prompt resignation to family and friends ”.

Born in Villahermosa, Tabasco, Pasión Kristal began her career as a wrestler in 1994. Her emergence in the ring, along with Pimpinela and Cassandro, was essential to open the way to more characters belonging to the LGBTQ + community in sports companies, mainly in that of Lucha Libre AAA.

Pasión Kristal died
Pasión Kristal /Photo

Throughout her 27-year career, she was able to shed their hair from renowned athletes such as Chico Che, Officer 911 and AK-47, Zoy Raymunda, Diva Salvaje, and Miss Gaviota. Furthermore, her life was also in danger in the ring during a fight in March 2019.

On that occasion, she was the victim of a movement, known as the stripper, which was poorly executed. Faced with the urgency, she was able to cushion the fall with her arm and prevent her head from hitting the ground directly.

In addition, both she and Jessy Ventura were in the middle of a legal process after being victims of homophobic attacks, both verbally and physically, by a car driver by application.

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