Ricardo González Jr. and Roberto González were vulnerable to the situation that affects their family and all of Mexico

Cepillín’s children know that the show must continue and they made it clear this morning when they reappeared on the Venga la Alegría program to talk about the legacy left by their father and how they plan to remember it from now on.

Ricardo González Jr. and Roberto González were present on the morning TV Azteca program, despite the fact that their father’s body is still in a funeral home in Naucalpan, in the State of Mexico.

Both sons of Ricardo González, the real name of the Mexican artist, showed the pain they have at the death of their father, but also their integrity before all that his image and presence meant for all Mexicans.

“He was a great example as a human being. That is what he wanted to leave behind, a great example to follow not only as an artist or comedian, but we must give ourselves more, we must be better, we must give ourselves more love, always leave a seed in each one and never get tired to do it, ”Ricardo González Jr. commented through tears.

Cepillín’s son recalled that behind his father’s comments there was an interest in helping his fellow professionals and that his fame never rose.

“It was not maliciously, it was because I wanted to help each one of them because I felt that it was criticism or 100% positive advice. He was never envious of anyone, he always wanted to support everyone ”, he explained.

The children of the “TV clown” remembered the last moments they lived by his side: “He took off his mask and told my mother ‘I’m tired’ and what is clearer than that, one sometimes thinks of one and says ‘make it feel like it’, but you have to think about the person who is suffering those moments, put yourself in their shoes and let it go ”.

Roberto González burst into tears when they asked him how was their work together and the joy they had thanks to their impetus.

“Enjoy it all the time. The three of us lived in the same private room and enjoyed it as father and grandfather. He gave himself to the maximum towards his children, grandsons and daughters-in-law, he was a great person ”, he said with tearful eyes.

Cepillín Died Photo

Cepillín’s children appreciated that people still remember their father and his attendance at the wake held at a funeral home.

“How nice I feel that people come by, see my dad and tell me ‘thank you for making me feel like your family.’ I think that if my father were there, he would have approved it, because my father belonged to the people, ”he said.

He added that they left his father’s coffin open to leave no doubts about Cepillín’s death.

The body of the “TV clown” was watched over by his children and wife in a funeral home located in the municipality of Naucalpan, in the State of Mexico, where he received the affection of his loved ones, waiting for him to be cremated today .

In images broadcast by the TV Azteca program Venga la Alegría, those present are observed paying homage and giving the last goodbye to the child artist.

Cepillín received a minute of applause at the funeral home, where his children and wife led the last goodbye mass in which many other fans of the Mexican artist were also present.

It is expected that his body will be cremated this afternoon at Sullivan’s funeral home and his ashes will rest, for the moment, in the possession of his family, since they still do not have a specific place for his rest.

Ricardo González Jr., son of the “TV clown”, commented yesterday afternoon that he will seek to fulfill one of the last wishes: to have a niche in the Basilica of Guadalupe.

The “TV clown’s” health deteriorated drastically in just a few days. It was a week ago when he was admitted to the emergency room and underwent a long surgery in which eight screws and two rods were placed in his spine.

After the spectacular operation, he presented pneumonia and heart failure, which is why he was re-admitted to the Corporate Hospital Satélite on Sunday afternoon. Hours later it was learned that cancerous tissue was detected in Cepillín’s column.

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