The wrestling was relocated in mourning. The charismatic fighter Ovett died after several days interned in a fight against Covid-19 , his son Lunatik Extreme reported through his social networks.

A few days ago, the wrestler’s family and some colleagues from the world of wrestling began a campaign through Facebook to be able to pay for the costs of the disease, including medicines, however, the medicines were not enough and the 44-year-old gladiator had to be intubated.

The charisma that the former member of the ” Porros ” had with the people made his battles full of emotion and adrenaline, always looking to please the public, Ovett formed a new faction in 2019 together with Big Mike and Chicoché , same who called themselves the ” Big Strippers “.

Ovett was independent for almost his entire career, he also managed investments with major companies such as IWL , Zone 23 , Mexa Wrestling , DTU and Triple A .

For several months of the 2020 , Ovett was inactive and was the center of the controversy in June 2020 to participate in an accepting role of wrestling in full contingency .

“If yesterday I participated in a closed-door function, I believe it is valid, I have 3 months without working and therefore without generating income from wrestling . Yesterday was a fighting function and the other days I have to go to work by van or public transport, either myself or my wife. We have to take risks, we cannot be waiting for someone to give me money to eat, ”he explained on that occasion.

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