Octavio Ocaña: The Truth Behind The Alleged Hospitalization Of “Benito’s” Mother

Nerea Godínez, who was the fiancée “Benito Rivers”, spoke about the state of health of the actor’s mother who died on October 29

Nerea Godínez, who was the fiancée of Octavio Ocaña, an actor who played Benito Rivers in the series Benito Rivers for more than 16 years, denied that the actor’s mother had entered the hospital in recent days.

Through her Instagram account, Nerea wrote a short message to inform her followers about the health status of her mother-in-law.

“Lie! They do not create so much news, much is false, “she wrote about a screenshot of a journalistic note in which she reported on the alleged hospitalization of Octavio’s mother.

In addition, she added that in the last hours there have been many false accounts that have tried to usurp her identity, so she asked her followers to pay special attention to the profiles that are still related to the Ocaña family.

“Friends, they are creating a thousand false accounts of mine, I am not interested, what interests me is that they will not believe any information that does not come from this account only, ” she wrote in a first story on the digital platform.

“Be careful, I am not saying that they are publishing false things, I mean that it is simply not me. And they can get to share things that are not even the case, “said the young woman who was about to marry the actor who died at the age of 22 on October 29.

For its part, regarding the resolution of the actor’s cause of death and the incidents in the case, the Attorney General’s Office of the State of Mexico (FGJEM) reported this Thursday that it had already established contact with the relatives of Ocaña and will analyze, accordingly. new account, the evidence of the death of the actor.

Through its Twitter account,  the Prosecutor’s Office reported that it had already attended to the order of President Andrés Manuel López Obrador (AMLO), and established contact with the relatives of the actor who died at 22 years of age, to meet with them and “ analyze the evidence ”of the death.

“The Prosecutor’s Office has contacted Octavio N’s relatives and Segob authorities to hold the necessary meetings to analyze the evidence collected for his unfortunate death. This Prosecutor’s Office will carry out all the pertinent proceedings ”, reads the tweet made this morning.

For his part, last Wednesday,  President Andrés Manuel López Obrador assured that the actor’s case will have the intervention of the  Government of Mexico,  through the Ministry of the Interior ( Segob ).

“I found out that the father asked us to intervene and we are going to do it. I have already given instructions to the Secretary of the Interior, Adán Augusto López Hernández, to communicate with the family and to review the entire case, ”said the president at a press conference.

This was confirmed by Octavio Pérez, father of the Televisa actor who also participated in soap operas like  Lola, it was once.

“The private secretary of Adán Augusto, the secretary of the government, has already communicated with me. We had a link, a call, today, I don’t know, as soon as I talk to them, I then make a statement and let them know how the whole thing was, “he said yesterday on the Gossip program.

The also father of 28-year-old twins, older sisters of the deceased artist, said that he hopes that a thorough investigation will be carried out because for him there are many anomalies in the case.

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