Niurka’s Daughter Suffers Terrible Affectations From Her Breast implants

Romina Marcos confirmed that tomorrow she will undergo a new operation to remove the prostheses

Personalities are not exempt from bad surgical practices, much less their loved ones. Niurka revealed that her daughter Romina’s breasts were reconstructed due to medical negligence that triggered more than one health problem after implants were misplaced in the bust area.

The star was honest about the different processes her daughter underwent over the last five years, with which they sought to lessen the damage caused by the malpractice of the surgeon and that tomorrow will lead her to permanently remove the implants.

“They rebuilt her breasts because they also hurt her because they were very bad. They put a prosthesis on top of the muscle and another prosthesis underneath. And I know this from the expert ”, declared Niurka for the First-Hand program.

“That caused him discomfort, back pain, headaches, muscle tears. And, unfortunately, my daughter suffered the consequences of negligence a lot, “added the scandalous actress and singer.

Niurka commented that Romina Marcos’ first intervention occurred five years ago, just when she participated in one of the seasons of Rica, Famosa, Latina, so she still feels remorse for not having been present during the intervention and subsequent process.

Despite her absence five years ago, the star knows that Romina’s new intervention will demand more from her: “It is a fairly invasive recovery, quite demanding. I have to do everything for him, at least the first 48 hours she shouldn’t move ”.

Since the young woman, then 20 years old, had surgery on her bust, she has suffered several inconveniences, which will finally lead her to remove her boob prostheses next Saturday morning.

In a video posted on her YouTube channel last year, Romina explained that she did not rest long enough from the first intervention and this generated a “ball” on her chest.

“I had to operate again a year after I had my boobs operated on … we had to wait a year to operate it again, but I continued at the CEA (Televisa Art Education Center) and the same thing happened, I did not rest the time I had to rest, I did not recover the time I had to recover ”, She commented.

The young woman recalled that she experienced an ordeal after these two operations and even drained a quantity of blood from her boobs.

On that occasion, she stressed that he was already thinking of removing the implants due to various discomforts that have arisen. “When I lost weight, I started to feel a lot of back pain, all the time I feel like I’m hunched over … I don’t feel so comfortable with them because they do feel big, it makes me uncomfortable running, exercising, when I get down they hurt a lot”, She described.

Almost a year after this confession, Niurka’s daughter confirmed that they will soon remove the prostheses from her body because she seeks to improve her quality of life.

“I had my boobies operated on at age 20 and I don’t know if at that age I was a woman who knew what she wanted … but I think it depends on each woman’s body and how she reacts to implants. Definitely, for me it was not the best, I am constantly having pains and pulsations, “she revealed in a video posted on her YouTube channel a few hours ago.

“They already made me uncomfortable and took away my peace. They made me feel uncomfortable in my own body … I think it has also stopped me from many things with my body … because they hinder me, weigh me down, make me feel uncomfortable and hurt, “she added.

Romina confirmed that she has an implant above the muscle and another below, as revealed by Niurka, so she did not want to think more about removing her prostheses.

She recalled the cases of other women, mainly Michelle Renaud, who had their implants removed because they were not suitable for organisms and of those whose bodies have accepted aesthetic procedures.

“Here I am one day before saying goodbye to the implants. Very smart, very happy, I feel that it is going to be something that will liberate me a lot, “she concluded.

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