Mirada De Mujer: Where And At What Time To See

In 1997, Angélica Aragón and Ari Telch starred in Azteca Trece this melodrama produced by Epigmenio Ibarra, now it returns to the screens

24 years after its premiere in the then Azteca Trece, the famous telenovela Mirada de Mujer will be broadcast on another channel of the Ajusco television station, this melodrama was produced by Epigmenio Ibarra and was an adaptation of the Colombian series Señora Isabel.

As published on Instagram, starting next Monday, August 2, the telenovela Mirada de Mujer can be seen on channel A más, that is, 7.2 and will occupy the space of 10:30 p.m.

“Join @angelicaaragonfc and @telchari in the GREAT PREMIERE of a telenovela that marked a before and after on Mexican TV. You can not miss “Woman’s Look” this MONDAY, AUGUST 2, 10:30 pm by @amastv 7.2, “wrote the official Instagram account.

Channel A plus has three options for viewing, the first is on television, the second is through the official website, whose link is tvazteca and the last is through the mobile app or smart TV to TV Azteca.

These are the channels where the Azteca channel can be tuned: open television on 7.2, Total play on 110, Star on 187, Megacable on 141, Izzi on 70, Sky on 248, and for high definition on 1246.

According to the Instagram post, some people considered that the schedule is not convenient so they left comments such as “too bad of the schedule” and “not so late, please.”

The protagonists of Mirada de Mujer are Angélica Aragón , who gives life to María Inés Dominguez and Ari Tech who gave life to Alejandro Salas. On the other hand, the antagonist couple is formed by Fernando Luján who acted as Ignacio San Millán and Margarita Gralia who acted as Paulina Serracín.

In addition, talents such as Evangelina Elizondo, Verónica Langer, Bárbara Mori, Plutarco Haza and María Renée Prudencio also participated. The channel where Mirada de Mujer will be broadcast presented the melodrama as a production that revolutionized the way a woman is represented.

This is because the plot of this soap opera revolves around María Inés Domínguez, who is a traditional housewife who turns her life around towards the end of its more than 120 chapters.

At first, María Inés must take care of both her husband and her children and therefore her life is not full, since she still has unfulfilled dreams that she abandoned because of her housework. After 27 years of marriage, her husband Ignacio finds love for another woman and abandons his wife, before this Adriana and Mónica (the daughters) consider that everything is their mother’s fault.

The person who stars in this telenovela, that is, Angélica Aragón, is the daughter of the composer known as Ferrusquilla, she has also been a director of both cinema and theater and participated in the films Sexo Pudor y Lágrimas, directed by Antonio Serrano Argüelles in 1999 and the sequel to Dirty. Dancing is known in Mexico as Hot dance: nights of Havana, from 2004.

Other times for soap operas on this channel are La Loba, at 12 noon, and Gata Salvaje from 1 p.m. to 3 p.m. In A Más also some competitions of the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games are broadcast, Arriba la Tarde with Mario Bezares and the Tercer Milenio program with Jaime Maussan.

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