Miguel Palmer Is Hospitalized In A Delicate Condition

Valeria Palmer, daughter of actor Miguel Palmer, confirmed that her father is hospitalized in a delicate condition after being found in terrible conditions

The critical health situation that actor Miguel Palmer has been going through has surprised all of Mexico, after blood donors were requested for the 78-year-old artist who has been hospitalized since last April 2.

Recently, it emerged that Miguel’s daughter, Valeria Palmer, decided to take action against her father’s partner, the actress Edith Kleiman, whom she blamed for the deterioration in which she found her father, who had suffered two attacks on the previous heart.

According to the information published in the magazine TV Notes, the descendant of the protagonist of “Marimar” appeared at the Attorney General’s Office of Mexico City, where a case was settled under the crime of omission of assistance or care. In addition, the actress will not be able to approach the actor again until the legal process is complete.

Although the reason for the abandonment of the person that Kleiman would have committed to the Mexican star has not been clarified, the strongest hypothesis would indicate that the artist known for her role in “Muchachitas” would have wanted revenge for not having whitewashed her romance in the public eye

Apparently, the couple of the former soap opera galán would have been carrying out a systematic plan to get him away from Valeria, since he accused that the woman had changed even the locks of the house so that no one could enter the property. But, everything would have been discovered that April 2, when he went to look for his father, to take him to vaccinate.

However, seeing him so skinny and with yellow skin, Miguel Palmer’s daughter called the emergency room and the police, which ended with a dramatic diagnosis, since the actor has not been able to walk or speak since then. In addition to receiving oxygen, the TV figure was dehydrated, with anemia, septicemia, and various heart abnormalities.

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